Lets Love A Little Harder This Year

So here are my hopeful's 2010


These three (formly four) brit's can't do wrong in my eye's with the release of their Ep "Lies" last year they showed us they meant business lets hope they can keep it up this year with hopefully there debut full length album...

Fenech-Soler - The Cult of Romance (MP3)

Fenech-Soler - La Love (MP3)

Two Door Cinema Club

These kids are something special, so much so that they are being produced by the

same producers who worked on Bloc Party's second album "A Weekend In The City". Their tracks are awesomely catchy and will have you signing along in no time...

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (MP3)

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (MP3)

New Young Pony Club

Please DON'T suck factor five here...The single of NYPC's new album is alright, it is greatly helped along by a good music video. But there is almost a dire need for this album to be good...I mean its been 3 years guys, really 3 years since your debut and if its not the second coming, a lot of us, most of us, are going to be completely justified in not bothering with it...well until someone does a really good remix at least. But really I want you to be good.

NYPC - Lost A Girl (MP3)

Primary 1

Once in a while you here something that just captures you by the gut and that is Primary 1, his track "Foaming" hit me in the face and that was that. Primary 1 is the brilliant Joe Flory, a 21 year old newbie producer, who creates super awesome synthfunk winners, easily remembered for their sharp creative lyrics and danceable beats. Joe has stolen my heart and lets hope he can steal a few more this year with new tracks and more great collaboration's with his mate Riton...

Primary 1 - Foaming (Demo) (MP3)

Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Demo) (MP3)

PLUS+ My fav track and Video of the week...

Ali Love - Love Harder (Extended Version) (MP3)

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