Checkerr Yourr Email....

So there's this guy named Tim, he's my friend, he's just about everyones friend actually, he's a ladykiller, a nice guy nonetheless, he's also very talented and in this cool band called the Cutout Collective...But on the occasional weekend, when he's not saving the world, he dj's with his little brother (my other friend) Dan...and together they make up Double-Adapter.

Double Adapter has been tearing it up for a while now with their gigs at popular New Town night spot The Woods... Tim (Email Checkerr) drops the beats using Ableton  and his trusty Chaos pad, while Dan (Flikerr) produces some wild visuals to entertain all the loud drunk locals...Currently in between crafting masterful beats for Cutout and his crazy day job, Email Checkerr has found some quality time to do some remixes and edits of some rather strange tracks...Grab two of them from the links below, the tracks are chilled and laid back great for a Saturday afternoon, also look out for Double Adapter's special Fatchineseboi mix coming out in a few weeks when they have time to make it...


Weird Wednesday

Todays weirdness, was going to be about a track... but instead its gonna be about the resulting weirdness of when a republican's human disguise malfunctions and fails to hold back all those lizardy instincts... just kidding. kinda.

Todays track lands on the side of wierd, complete with sounds that you'd imagine said republican to be making in the pic above... and has even weirder roots.
French producer, Joachim Garraud, had an weird concept for his latest album, Invasion: A customizable album. 69 tracks are available as part of the complete (incomplete) album. One of the tracks included was his 1992 hit Moi Y'aime Bien Môa. - MSTRKRFT's JFK and St. Mandrew had a go at it... enjoi.

Joachim Garraud - Moi Y'aime Bien Moa (JFK+ST MANDREW EDIT)



Terrible Tuesday!

Here we go again with that time old tradition, Terrible Track Tuesday (well to be honest it's a horrible tradition)....So this week we have one of my  personal favorites it's just so fucken horrible that you got to love it...No dear God, I lied, I hate this song with all my heart..it sucked then and sure as hell sucks ass now...God when you hear this all you remember are all the little girls singing it to there slightly jaded Mothers, who wish God would smite them on the ground that they stand on...Just thank god cellphone ringtones weren't big then or we would have all killed ourselves...well here you go...please reframe from killing yourself


Hot off the press's for you Kid's

Here's some fun new tracks I found this morning have fun...

Christian Bale

We love Christian Bale cause he's fucken bad ass...Most people think he's a dick for losing his cool on the set of Terminator 4, but we love him...I have wanted to scream at DOP's my entire film career because they really dont give a fuck about anyone else...so thank you Mr. Bale I'm still a Huge fan...please cuss and beat on more people...(thank you Big Stereo) 


Yay new Thunderheist and we love it...Bring the noise, their new track Sweet 16 is super hot

Thunderheist - Sweet 16

Ladyhawke Metric Style

I have to be honest and say right now there isnt a single female artist I can think of who is as hot as LadyHawke...damn. But what makes her even hotter is when she gets a super hot remix from the master Alex Remix... Enjoy

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Metric Remix)

You Gonna be there?


Fucking Fantastic February

Truly a fuckin fantastic February so far. This month has seen some amazing releases. Not just in music but in other media as well. Yesterday i got my hands on Alien Workshop's latest video, Mind Field. Its an audio visual masterpiece... amazing skateboarding, amazing soundtrack, amazing artwork... just amazing.

This video alone is worth a celebration, but its not alone as there are other amazing things in the world of alt dance music that have exploded to life this February.


I know we talk about him in almost every post, but it is without a doubt Yukseks month. A couple big remixes and an amazing album, Far away from the Sea...

Yuksek - I like to Play

and Djedjotronic

Earlier I spoke about local boi Spoeks collab Ep, Dirty & Hard, with French Heavy Hitter Djedjotronic the day it came out. Huge for SA and dancefloors alike...

Djedjotronic Feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Boys Noize's Jump If You're An Idiot Mix)

Shadow Dancer

We spoke earlier about Shadow dancers debute album, Golden Traxe, coming out on the 23rd, I still think the boynoize brand of party techno is gonna be bigger this year just from hearing the releases on the label this month... this ones gonna definately original.
tracklisting for your purusal.

1. Poke
2. Soap
3. Infinite Lies
4. Walker
5. Golden Traxe
6. Landlines
7. Drivetime
8. What Is Natural
9. Loader
10. Be Happy
11. Lower Left
12. The Bad Thin
13. This Is This

Les Petits Pilous

While still in the Boys Noize camp, here are two guys making a big noise all over the world. Straight outta France (must be in the water) these guys hammer out something I guess you would call Techno Punk? Its loud, its abrasive and its oh so fucking rad.
Their tracks have gotten playlist prime time from every one from Boys Noize, D.I.M., Mr. Oizo, Erol Alkan all the way to MSTRKRFT. These guys have a big year ahead.
Heres some thrashable tracks, one original and one remix from the Fckn Crew boys from the land down under.

Les Petits Pilous - Housi
Les Petits Pilous - Housi (Fckn Crew Remix)

Sound of Stereo and The Bloody Beetroots

Outta Belgium, home to some other dancefloor dictator, must say im excited about their single, heads Up!, out soon and the movement away from LOLdistortion basslines. Sick list of remixes. heres my favourite remix, from our favourite masked italianos the bloody beetroots.

Sound Of Stereo - Heads Up! (Bloody Beetroots Remix)


Young talent from that little United Kingdom, and newest member of the undocumented family. We featured foamos latest released remix in our shuffleshame mix. I managed to scoop a mix tape he did recently which featured a soon to be released remix he's done and a brand spanking new original. So hot! heres a preview....

Cagedbaby - Forced (Foamo remix) - Preview

Foamo - Wardance - Preview


And saving the best for last! Undoubtedly my favourite club hammer of the year so far. Its punk music made with computers that you can cant help but dance too. This here is a remix of Alexander Technique & Van Scott's track "NightLovers" by CCC... and the remix was so good, it got JFK of MSTRKRFT's undivided attention... so much so he did an edit of it, which was just that much better, it made its way onto the "NightLovers" single. It sounds so insane... so amazing... and I would've kept it all to myself, but this here is a celebration of a great year so far and a better one to come. cheers.

Alexander Technique & Van Scott - Nightlovers (CCC Remix) (JFK Edit)



What You Should Be Listening Too...Part 1 of many

Like Super Models rock climbing...Sometimes (Fuck most of the time) everyone needs a helping hand, and with the implosion or information overload, it's becoming harder and harder to find out what's good and who you should be listening too...So here at Fatchineseboi we thought we might as well help you out so here's a few artists you should be listening too or at least should be now listening too...


Yes it's finally out Yuksek's debut album "Away From The Sea"! The album is nothing short of brilliant, all the tracks stick another nail into the coffin of rock, proving that it is really the digital era...If you haven't started listening to Yuksek yet, then you can kiss your scene kid pants and shirts goodye because nothing out there right now is as cool as Yuksek...

Alex Metric

Alex Metric is rather old hat (2008)...But he's still a fucken monster...With all his delightful remixes coming out of late, he should most certainly be on your ipod causing slight convulsive dance moves, making people around you sightly on edge...Here's one of best bangers

Shinichi Osawa

Yes yes yes, I can't stop talking about Shinichi Osawa, but he really is that amazing....It's actually a bit sick how good he is...

Filthy Dukes

I can't get enough of these boi's yay.....


Gazelle Live

Look what we got kids YAY!!! Live Footage of Gazelle jiving his ass off at his album launch in Cape Town.

This video comes off a lovely little local site covering local events, www.overload.co.za. If you keen let them follow your gig around, make sure you hit their contact link! 


From small time racket to big time Cartal.

Felix Cartal. What a cool name and ironically his story so closely resembles any one of your favouritest mafia films its almost uncanny. Ya'll know how it goes, talented small time hustler gets noticed by the "Family's" high ups, next thing ya know he's welcomed into the "Family" and quickly works his way up the ranks...

Felix's story is just that. Small time talented producer racketeers some really good tracks... these tracks reach the ears of
JFK, part of the undocumented family, MSTRKRFT division. JFK champions his tracks... Felix is welcomed into the undocumented family... Felix works really hard to craft some of the finest mind erasing dance floor weapons in the last blog decade. Not only that he tours extensively playing along side heavy hitters MSTRKRFT, LA Riots, Bloody Beetroots, Lazaro Casanova and Steve Aoki to name but a few.

That's where the analogy and play on his name ends, because there are no tragic endings here. Whats next for Felix Cartal? Not only has he captured our hearts and playlists here at FatChineseBoi but the world over. In between dropping hot tracks, touring the world and finishing College... Felix is also an active member on
MSTRKRFT's forum, which he has now taken one step further by launching FelixCartal.com. His nobel aim with his site is to share his knowledge and experience with other small time up n coming hustlers... err producers, as well as keep eager fans upto date on all things Felix.

Im really into the concept... like my favourite videos at the moment (yes even over top gear) are Future Music magazine's "
in the studio" series. Felix takes this a step further and offers his own time to this cause.

I learned that his
studio setup is remarkably humble and low end, yet his sound is so hugely pro its almost unbelievable. I guess proving, its not the tools that make a great carpenter.

More interestingly Felix is ready to drop a brand new
EP in about 5 weeks or so, Entitled Skeleton. Heres the tracklist:
A1. Skeleton
A2. Salty Lake
B1. Montreal Dreams
B2. Redheads

To celebrate the Launch of Felix's
site and the prospect of his upcoming EP, here's a holster full of Mr. Cartal's tracks featuring my favourite remix of Evil Nine...

Felix Cartal - Skeleton

From Monument To Masses - Beyond God To Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix)

Evil Nine - They live (Felix Cartal Remix) (so good)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Felix Cartal Remix)

If you like Mafia films or what you hear, head on over to Felix's
site, Myspace,
Facebook or forum to show him some love.
You can also hustle yourselves more of his work over at
beatport, and also see what he's digging.


Weird Wednesday

The thing about a regular slot is that it has to be regular. Jordan came up with a good one, I think, because there is undoubtedly an infinite abundance of terrible tracks to fuel his Terrible Tuesday posts. I, on the other hand, was probably more ambitious in starting Weird track Wednesday, since, well because it's gotta be weird but in no way terrible... how many weird but good tracks could there possibly be? Well... I'm sure we'll find out.

Today, isn't technically a "track" but if you know anything about Girl Talk, then it might as well be. This here serving of Weird Wednesday is a mad, monstrous mini mix from non other than dance floor deity Fake Blood.
What is there to be said about Fake Blood that hasn't already? For blog decades people speculated about the identity of the mysterious producer dropping massive remixes and easily one of the biggest tracks of 2k8, namely Mars.
Well we all, might, know that Fake Blood is in fact Theo Keating AKA Touche, the man behind Black Ghosts. A little known fact is that at a Justice concert last year, more people were wearing Fake Blood shirts than they were Justice shirts.
If you think that's weird, then you should have a listen to his Mini Mix he did for the Annie Mac mini mix show on BBC Radio 1 last year.
Its astonishing... in fact I don't think there really is a word to accurately describe it... so ya just gonna have to take a listen.

Fake Blood - BBC Radio 1 MiniMix

5 minutes of absolute mad genius. If you, like me, could barely keep up... there's the play list.

  1. Silver Apples “Seagreen Serenade”
  2. (Dialogue from the film “Tron”)
  3. DJ Prince Ice “Freestyle”
  4. RD Burman “Aa Dekhen Jara”
  5. Jeff Wayne “The Eve Of The War”
  6. Jonzun Crew “Space Is The Place”
  7. Dusty Kid “The Riot”
  8. Goblin “Suspiria”
  9. Bumps “Biotic Discussion”
  10. Portishead “Silence”
  11. Snax feat. Jamie Lidell “The Honeymoon’s Over”
  12. Golden Orchestra And Chorus “Hydrogen And Helium”
  13. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown “Fire”
  14. KC Flightt “Planet E”
  15. Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy “Puck”
  16. Bat For Lashes “Horse And I”
  17. Gaz “Sing Sing”
  18. Big 200 “Approach And Pass With Contact”
  19. Pharrell “Frontin”
  20. Micronauts “High Rise”
  21. Michel Rubini “Graham’s Theme”
  22. Boy 8-Bit “Manhunter”
  23. Vitalic “Valetta Fanfares”
  24. Paul Johnson “Get Down”
  25. Bad Brains “Don’t Need It”
  26. The Flying Lizards “Money”
  27. Human Bite Box “Avalon”
  28. The Monks “We Do Wie Du”
  29. Sticky “Triplets”
  30. Liam Lynch “United States Of Whatever”
  31. Sly And The Family Stone “Dance To The Music”
  32. Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer”
  33. Busta Rhymes “Gimme Some More - Fake blood super edit”
  34. Chemical Brothers “Problem / Question”
  35. Lyn Collins “Think”
  36. Par-T-One “I’m So Crazy”
  37. Jonathan Newton “Nancy Tries To Leave”
  38. (Dialogue from the film “Tron”)


This Rhythm is Creepy Hot

My oh my, you haven't heard of the Filthy Dukes yet? Not to fear Fatchineseboi is here...The Filthy Dukes were two huge djs named Olly and Tim just crashing off CDjays and some lovely vinyl, but they have since been joined by Mark and now they are a band/djs/producers, regular slashies. The three wonder kids have just recently made their first album "Nonsense in the Dark", which should be out around 16 March 2009. Aside from making their uber cool music they also run a club night called "Kill Em All" that has been going strong for about 4 or 5 years now. They have had such amazing guests such as Justice, Erol Alkan, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, Late Of The Pier, The Chemical Brothers, James Murphy, Jackson & His Computer Band, Zombie Nation, Shinichi Osawa, Brodinski & Simian Mobile Disco. Which in Our books is fucken amazing. They make their hip-dance cool sounds with a Homemade mixing desk which was made and used by Connie Plank, one of the most important German producers to date. They also use a wide assortment of synths from Roland Juno 60 to Arp 2600 to Moog Voyager to Roland Sh101 plus loads of pedals, distortion units which help them craft some of their awesome sounds. The album is also helped by a rather large collection of artists who have played parties at Kill Em all, which you will easily recognize. The Dukes have just released their awesome video for their new single — “This Rhythm.” The vid is uber creepy and the lead actress is a kinda of creepy hot vibe going on. “The Rhythm” features Samuel Dust from Late Of The Pier on guest vocals. The single is out March 9th with remixes from Fred Falke, Emperor Machine, Toddla T and Kill Em All. So here we go have a listen!

Plus here's the awesome video!

Terrible Track Tuesday!

Ahhh it's that time again, yes, you can believe it Terrible Track Tuesday. So with all the love we received with White Town...Yes strangely you kids enjoy laughing at your past and the trauma it wrought upon others...Umm I suppose your wondering about the picture above, well those are my favourite two sisters in the world Ally and Kim Stokes...The other day I had a dream that Ally's face was on her trusty pug's face, it was very weird...But what's weirder is that her little sister Kim had a similar dream not too long ago, being a budding MS Paint master Kim quickly came up with this lovely picture...I thought that I would share this with the rest of the world cause it's brillant...

This week's Terrible Tuesday featured artist is none other than that famous Danish looker(Meh?)
Whigfield! What you don't remember Whigfield? Your on crack...1994 your sitting on your bed, going through you cassette tapes, seeing which ones you can throw away, now that CD's players and CD's have just become finically viable, when 5fm (Local very shit radio station) drops this pearler..."Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot, Like you baby" oh god yes you remember! Yes Whigfield hurt our ears for seven years going strong with her horiible Euro Dance music and just to remind everyone that it should stay dead hear are the music vid and download link... 
Whigfield - Saturday Night (Original) 

Plus here's the lyrics just for you:

Dee Dee na na na 

Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot 
Like you baby 
I'll make you mine you know 
I'll take you to the top 
I'll drive you crazy 

Saturday night, dance 
I like the way you move 
Pretty baby 
It's party time 
And not one minute we can lose 
Be my baby 

Da ba da dan dee dee dee da 
Nee na na na, be my baby 
Da ba da dan dee dee dee da 
Nee na na na, Pretty baby 

Saturday night 
I feel the air is getting hot 
Like you baby 
I'll make you mine you know 
I'll take you to the top 
I'll drive you crazy 

Saturday night, dance 
I like the way you move 
Pretty baby 
It's party time 
And not one minute we can lose 
Be my baby 

Saturday night, dance 
I like the way you move 
Pretty baby 
It's party time 
And not one minute we can lose 
Be my baby - ooh ooh 

Saturday, Saturday 
Saturday night 
Saturday night 
Saturday, Saturday 
Saturday night 
Saturday night 
Saturday, Saturday 
Saturday night 
Saturday night


Spoek brings the Noize!

This is a Massive Monday guys! I'm not even kidding! Our homeboy
Spoek, of Sweat.X and Playdoe, hailing from that Caped City, has an EP, with one of Frances hottest producers right now, out on BoysNoize Records TODAY!!

This momumental EP is a collab with
Djedjotronic (10 points if you can pronounce that) and is called Dirty & Hard.
Now We've already introduced ya'll to our favouritest MC, Spoek in our Down the line in 2k9 post... tho I'm sure he needs no introduction. We have yet to cover the unpronounceable talent of Djedjotronic here on fatchineseboi... and what better time than the present. He hails from Paris, France and at only 23 years young, has released his Debut EP "Turn Off" on Level75 records in 2007 and a string of high profile official remixes for the likes of Busy P, Unkle, DSL, Das Pop and Birdy Nam Nam. He's gathered crowd surf support and playlist prime time from the likes of Justice, Mr Oizo, Busy P and O.Huntemann. What else need be said about this firey producer guy? I really like his work, its a vivid compressed buffet of styles ranging from groove driven techno, grinded electro and industrial strength Hip-Hop... increadibly unique and original.

Now, with a testimonial like that its not wonder this EP is just amazing. Two very talented individuals a continent apart, uniting to bring ya'll one of the most exciting releases to date. Heres the tracklisting!

01. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Original Mix)
02. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Boys Noize's Jump If You're An Idiot Mix)
03. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Horror Klub (Original Mix)
04. Djedjotronic - Gum Attack (Original Mix)
05. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Congorock Remix)

We have for you here a little teaser of the EP.

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard EP Teaser

Before ya'll think I'm being a stingy sod, heres a freebie remix off of the full EP. This time by one of our fav Italiano producers Congorock! He was dubbed "the bassline king" by the bloody beetroots and lives up to this title right here!

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Congorock Remix)

Thats not all! Coz I have for you one tough electo remix, by Djedjotronic's label mate Keatch. Sadly this remix didnt quite make it on to the EP, but is banging still!

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Keatch Remix)

I went and copped this EP from Beatport this morning already... It's so blazin hot I can't bring myself to take it off repeat... Especially the track Horror Klub... It's groove is so insane!

So be ahead of the herd, go cop this fire by clicking on over to these fine stores... right now!
Juno (Vinyl)

If ya got the fever and can't get enough of hometribe champ Spoek, head on down to his Myspaz or his super dope Blog to show him some well earned love!