Hot off the press's for you Kid's

Here's some fun new tracks I found this morning have fun...

Christian Bale

We love Christian Bale cause he's fucken bad ass...Most people think he's a dick for losing his cool on the set of Terminator 4, but we love him...I have wanted to scream at DOP's my entire film career because they really dont give a fuck about anyone else...so thank you Mr. Bale I'm still a Huge fan...please cuss and beat on more people...(thank you Big Stereo) 


Yay new Thunderheist and we love it...Bring the noise, their new track Sweet 16 is super hot

Thunderheist - Sweet 16

Ladyhawke Metric Style

I have to be honest and say right now there isnt a single female artist I can think of who is as hot as LadyHawke...damn. But what makes her even hotter is when she gets a super hot remix from the master Alex Remix... Enjoy

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Metric Remix)

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  1. That thunderheist pic is classic... somebody's mom drinkin out the bottle... ghetto.