Checkerr Yourr Email....

So there's this guy named Tim, he's my friend, he's just about everyones friend actually, he's a ladykiller, a nice guy nonetheless, he's also very talented and in this cool band called the Cutout Collective...But on the occasional weekend, when he's not saving the world, he dj's with his little brother (my other friend) Dan...and together they make up Double-Adapter.

Double Adapter has been tearing it up for a while now with their gigs at popular New Town night spot The Woods... Tim (Email Checkerr) drops the beats using Ableton  and his trusty Chaos pad, while Dan (Flikerr) produces some wild visuals to entertain all the loud drunk locals...Currently in between crafting masterful beats for Cutout and his crazy day job, Email Checkerr has found some quality time to do some remixes and edits of some rather strange tracks...Grab two of them from the links below, the tracks are chilled and laid back great for a Saturday afternoon, also look out for Double Adapter's special Fatchineseboi mix coming out in a few weeks when they have time to make it...

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  1. Oh GlowBo...

    ...these are the correct song names :)

    Britney Spears - Gimme Gimme (Emailcheckerr Remix)

    Jay - 99 Problems vs Air - Napalm Love (Emailcheckerr Remash feat. Destrukto)