Tigers on Strike

I'd like to start off by saying that I am in no ways a fan of South Africa (Jordanglowboi...he's lying he loves it), I just live here. I used to say the same for South African music (Thats true)... for too long we had to put up with utter rubbish in almost every genre... and somehow some people here loved it and supported it like their sense of taste was impaired from being drunk on patriotism of something...
Luckily for us and South African music, things are changing rather rapidly for the better. In our post on things down the line in 2k9 i spoke about some of the local artists that Fatchineseboi thought were doing things rather well... but there was a small problem with that list. See that list didn't feature the likes of Tigerstrike.
Now I've just recently woken up to Tigerstrike's music, through an old friend Brett... and well facebrick. Now you may think I'm just pluggin' an old mates band... Thats definatley not the case here... and really when you look at theses guys backgrounds its quite convincing that they've got a bit of experience behind em...

You have Raffael. I don't know him personally but he's on Keys and lead vox... He's was/is in a band called The Sound (good name that. cant believe that wasn't taken already) and formally A new world inside.

Then theres Brett. He's good at rolling 10 pin, but even better on drums. He used to thrash beats for Vendetta Cartel... But I'm guessing he traded that gig in for a more mature and developed sound in TigerStrike. Quite frankly I'm glad he did.

And last but certainly not least theres Jonathan. He runs a modest little skate store on long street some of you might know as the Baseline studio, which isnt a surprise since he's on Bass respectively. Jonathan is also a great DJ, under his ironic Orlando Doom moniker, having played Summercase in Europe last year.

Some say they bonded over a shared love for Wild Life specials on Animal Planet... but I have a feeling its more to do with a shared love for creating great music and old Vietnam Movies....

Their sound really appeals to me, its dark but fantastically hooky, it has great synth lines coupled with big bass riffs, punchy drums and they're a bunch of really cool guys! What more could you ask for really? ummm... To hear some songs obviously...
Tigerstrike were kind enough to send us some really great tracks, hot outta the studio. I'm really into their track "Disappear", technically its brilliant, but it's the hook and eerie synth in the breakdown that keeps this track firmly in my daily playlist. 'ave a listen.

There's also a remix from the Caped City's own Haezer.

It doesn't end there, because I have a cheeky exclusive track for ya'll...

So really, there's not much more I need to say about these guys, their music speaks for itself. I for one am really looking forward to hearing more from Tigerstrike in the future and feel relieved that there is a movement in our parts towards good and unique music.

Word from the band is that they are currently working on an EP. No name or definite release date yet, but we here at FatChineseboi will keep you up to speed.If you in or around that Caped City you can catch them live at Day Dream Nation and other events. Hopefully we'll see em performing in our dirty city in the not so distant future.

Go on down to their Myspace and facebrick pages to show them some love...Expect an Interview soon


Interview with an African Renaissance Man

Lucky us. We get to interview a person who, in our opinion, is one of the most important musical acts to come out of South Africa in the last 3 years... Not just by pioneering a new sound for SA, but for creating a chance for other local artists by performing all over Europe and proving that South African's dont have just make shitty Alt Rock and Emo shit that nobody here even listens to. Gazelle in our books is a National Hero... So anyway here's an interview with the Man changing the face of SA Music....

Jordanglowboi: Well you had quite a prosperous year last year. With touring Europe and all, congrats by the way... and now you will be releasing your first album (which we got a sneak peek at. It's fucken great, we might add), can you tell us more about what we can expect the album to sound like and how you feel it sounds?

Xander: It has been quite a process of growth to find what the spirit of Gazelle was... Like any first album of an act I believe... it is a youth coming of age... The sound I can only call a fine mixture... Some elektro 80's, some traditional African music, dub, funk, disco, soul... A fine mixture as I say... One thing is no matter what one says, I am very proud of this album... truly a part of my who I am at the moment.

Barry NuBuck: When I caught your show at Assembly last year... I felt the overall vibe, to me, kinda felt like Africa's answer to Daft Punk (minus the enormous LCD pyramid of course)... were they ever an influence? If not really who would you say influenced or maybe inspired your sound? more over your performance act??

Xander: Well not really, but I have massive respect for those two groups since they take an electronic act and put theatrics to it... a real stage show... real entertainment... not just people standing around on stage playing some music from their music... I think in SA we can learn alot still about entertainment... that it is more than just the music. Look at classic disco bands, or George Clinton, they went all out... an audio visual experience...

Jordanglowboi: When I listen to the new singles from your album, I can't help but feel that you have created a unique South African sound, with the use of township guitar strings and other traditional African instruments, was this a decision you made early on with your album or did it develop as you went along further into the album... did the producer also have a rather large part to play in the creation as well?

Xander: I just used what I know... inspiration that I grew up with... listening to Johnny Clegg and Ladysmith, I grew up surrounded by traditional African music and a steady disco influence, and it is a part of me... Also I had to do something authentic, because in the world of overflow of media, if you do not really do something fresh that really reflects a part of you... you will drown in the river of information... There is no real satisfaction in redoing something that has completely been done before.

Barry NuBuck: On the topic of Creating music, when it comes to writing a new song, what sort of process do you guys follow? Do you lay down some beats and kind of feel your way through, or do you start with a concept and work from there?

Xander: It depends, but most of the songs develop through time, changing and falling into shape as they grow. Its crafting not so much creation... Rome was not built in a day... many of the songs would start with a simple beat/melody created on my computer waiting in airports around the world...

Jordanglowboi: The whole time we have been blabbing on about your debut album. I havent asked the most important question... how, when and where can I get it? Can I grab it in a Look 'n Listen (Local SA retailer) or is it going to be more difficult?

Xander: Well for now it is more complicated... We have created it all inhouse, the whole album box set... without any record label or financial support, so we take it a step at a time... for now it's 111 first edition albums and they will be on sale at the show on Friday. Then in cape town we will stock Mabu vinyl, Scar hair, a store, High five and African music store. Working on distribution deals, but will rather sell it out of my own hands than letting some greedy distributer hustle us for most of the cake after months of dedication and hard work.

Barry NuBuck: You've performed in the EU and probably some other awesome first world places, to great reception. What would you say are the major differences of the shows there versus here? More to the point, are there things missing or laggin behind here as aposed to over there? If so what would you like to see happen to get us up to speed?

Xander: Well every country and culture is different... Some countries dance more, they are more expressive than others, I like those crowds... People that are not scared to do what they feel like doing. Not thinking of what the person next to them is thinking about them too much...I think we can get over ourselves a bit and let loose without having to get fucked before we lose our conservative inhibitions. It is simply confidence. To do what your mind or body feel is to truly express.

Jordanglowboi: How much do you guys focus on the local scene in terms of pushing the envelope. I mean do you kind of look around to see where everybody else is at? Do you look past African borders to see what the level is out there or dont you really take that into consideration and just do what you guys are happy with? (This was totally NuBuck's Question I stole)

Xander: Well no point in looking anywhere than straight ahead... People around us must do what they do, doesnt help to stress on that... All I can do is support people I respect, and create something to be proud of.
But of course I look beyond the local scene since foreign places have been good to me... Its been amazing to play most of the major cities in Europe and have the opportunity to give people there a little bit of ourselves... I look to build it even more across the globe... Well I hope the local scene would give us support....thats why I made a new music video for my one Afrikaans song, ' die verlore seun' and sent it to MK89... so ask them to play it...

We Would Like to thank Gazelle (Xander) for his time and helping us understand him a little better. We would also like to wish him all the luck in the world, for the release of his album this Saturday at Assembly in Cape Town!

Catch other posts on Gazelle here: Try, Down the Line in 2K9, Gazelle Feature


Evil Two Thousand and Nine

Last year saw a quite a few album releases from our favourite artists... Some definately hit and miss, some arguably very miss and some completely amazing. I'll save you the in depth analysis... Hardly any were anywhere near as brilliant as Evil Nine's spectacular "They Live!". Probably the least known release of 2k8 around here outta the lot, but in my opinion the most relevant, especially for forging a path of progression in 2k9 and beyond. You see Kids there is a very fine line experimental artists walk. A line between shear ground breaking brilliance and utterly miserably failure. Evil Nine takes a giant stride safely onto the side of ground breaking brilliance. Two modest lads, Tom and Pat, hailing from the UK's Brighton are the evil geniuses behind this sound. Their album "They Live!" features an interesting blend of artists from a sprall of different genres. Artists like Electro hero AutoKratz, underground rap legends El-P and Beans to thrash pin up Emily Breeze... Even the dancehall ragga rebel Toastie Taylor and many more.

By impregnating tired old memes like vintage horror and zombies with their envigorating amalgamation of powerful electro, rap and punk... An undead monster of truly genre barrier destroying power is born. Hopefully this is a glimpse of things to come in 2k9 and beyond, I for one am truly relieved that future of music is safe... in an awkard undead flesh eating kind of way. What we have for you here are two absolute pearlers from the album demostrating their diversity under one infecious style. The first track here sounds like it could be the undead corpse of DFA1979, re-animated by Danzig of the Misfits... yet completely unique in its own right. The second track here is slightly gentler (as if!)...

Evil Nine feat. Emily Breeze - Twist The Knife

Evil Nine feat. David Autokratz - Wait

Then there was this single, crooked, featuring underground rapper Aesop Rock. Heres the video... Turn it up and love it.

And if you thought that was it, you are sadly mistaken... Because of course there are the remixes! oh yes! This one is from the amazing Alex Metric, which is of their track All the cash feat. El-P. This track was featured in our ShuffleShame mix a while ago and it is just unbelievable! The next one here, is of the vocoded Anthem and flag track of the album, They Live! This time the remix is by the fiendishly talented rising star Felix Cartal. This remix is so good I literally listen to it everyday. I plan on doing a whole write up on Felix, so keep an eye out for that!

Evil Nine feat EL P - All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix)

Evil Nine - They Live! (Felix Cartal Remix)

If all this isn't convincing enough that Evil Nine is more than a short lived gimmick... Bare in mind their first Ep dropped in 2000 followed by their first album "You Can Be Special Too" in 2004. Just pop their name into google to see how much acclaim these humble guys are gathering. If you needed very little convincing click on over to
Amazon to buy this Album or over to Beatport to snag the remixes and their earlier work. Its brilliant. Trust me on this!

Lily Allen?

Here at Fatchineseboi we are huge fans of profanity and such, so when a loud brass chav girl form England is all of the above we automatically fall in love with her. Lily Allen is great...she's  a whiney, cussing, spitting and most of all bitchy babe...Love HEARTS. I personally love the fact that she hates just about everything commercial and all the new stars like Kate Perry (Someone please shoot that useless Bitch) and whoever seemed to piss her off this week, when she herself personifies commercialism and pop. None the less she has just released her second album and the first, second, third who knows really track "Fear" of the album is now hitting the airwaves...And to be 100% honest I rather like this song and its lyrics really struck a cord with me...which is strange to why was I listening to the radio?...as usual the production value of the song is huge, but who's surprised about that? Barry happened to send me The Count of Monte Cristal Remix, which by the way has very little too do with the the song its just another shameless banger...but hey lets put it up anyway! So here we go kids some Lily Allen and LilyRave?

On a side note of Lily Allen, my friend Leigh happened to send me a picture of herself in a corn field? (Yes I have strange conversations with my friends, this one revolved around corn...ok?) When looking back, this photo actually reminded me of Lily Allen, this is the kind of photo that she would take if she wasn't out harassing other superstars shamelessly (I do love it when she insults others). Shame doesn't Leigh Allen look confused :( Mind you that might be her cool face...I don't know really, cool faces and confused faces all look very similar if you ask me? Thats why JFK always looks like you asked him if there was a god...aweeee well. We will soon be doing all our post's with star impersonations by our friends....ps friends beware or excited...

Weird Track Wednesday

Yesterday Jordan tried to pursuade me to post something that had caught my ear this last two weeks. There were two problems with this, you see, what could I possibly post after his Terrible Track Tuesday (which, I must add is genuinely terrible) and have it taken seriously in anyway (kinda like Jordans spelling (Hey you speed write articles all day Dickface)). Then there was the fact that I havent really heard anything amazing in the last two weeks that wasnt in some way or another Yuksek related. I think I'm going to have to do another Yuksek post soon because the guy is just on fire.

So not to be out done by Jordans
Terrible Track Tuesday, I decided to come up with my own regular slot... Weird Track Wednesday. What I have for you today is definately weird but at the sametime so so so very big at the moment.
Its an act called
Dance Area and they have a track called AA 24/7 or ALLWAZE ANYTIME 24/7. What i know about Dance Area is that the project kind of started as a joke or something where "Dirk Boogie" recorded a janitor, at the END nightclub in London, rapping on his Iphone. Then took this back to his studio and made a track.
A few months later Erol Alkan played the dam thing on this
Annie Mac show... and the next thing ya know, the track is signed, theres a mountain of remixes and everybody from Treasure Fingers, Jokers of the scene to Diplo were playing it. madness.

I admit its a fun song with an equally fun (but completely dreadful) video, as you can see below... featuring the rising janitorial Rap star, Austin.

You can scoop the original track here in its full glory

Dance Area - AA 24/7 (original mix)

Now Diplo has just dropped his remix today... in its not-quite-full-glory. I like Diplos remix the most outta the lot... its got the trademark Diplo B more club anthemy feel. nice.

Dance Area - AA 24/7 (Diplo remix)

There are other remixes by
Starkey, Noob and SkullJuice to fit this track into any dance genre you might fancy...

Be ahead of the herd by clicking on down to
Beatport to buy yourself the full quality remixes of this soon to be over played Euro-Kwai-tech anthem. off ya go.


Terrible Tuesday's?

So last night I had a brain storm, blogs are always pumping the new and popular shit...Which is usually really good even if it doesn't fall into your particular tastes. But then it occurred to me, why don't we have a blog reminding us of those horrible music mistakes that were made though out the ages, mainly during the 90's...

So from today fourth Tuesdays will be the day of Terrible music, YAY

Here's are first track of many to follow...It's actually not that horrible, as I felt I should at least ease you guys into the concept

Here we go enjoy, but probably not:

After this you will probably need to here something decent so why not hit fatchineseboi's Down the line in 2K9, too hear the big artist's of 2K9

Please feel free to send us suggestions to jordanglowboi@gmail.com or barrynubuck@gmail.com


Who's Got Gazelle?


Here is what is BOUND to be a MASSIVE hit off Gazelle's debut album "Chic Afrik" the ninth track off the album "Try"! This Track Ooze's Awesomeness go ahead and listen if you don't believe me......I like it so much I dont even want write about it and ruin how good it is...

Just remember Fat Chinese Boi's always get the good stuff first...

And Remember kids Gazelle Launchs his album in Cape Town at Assembly next week (Lucky Bastards), Bigger news is that we will have an Interview with him this Coming Week! YAY!!!!!

Down the line in 2K9.1


This Article is compiled by both the Barry NuBuck and by the Jordanglowboi, but mostly by the NuBuck, as Glowboi is trying to find more interesting local acts...

Barry NuBuck: I like January. Not just because of New Year’s parties or that it’s my birthday month... but because of the anticipation for the year’s great releases. 2009 in particular will see many amazing releases I have been anticipating for many a blog years...
Me and Jordan would like to share some of the upcoming releases with you so that they don’t pass ya’ll by... cool? Lets get into it then....

Jordanglowboi: I'm the complete opposite of Barry when it comes to January...Fuck it...with the whole year ahead of you, January is the indicator month that usually tells you how the rest of your year is going to follow...mine so far busy...Anyway when Barry told me of this post about the "hopefully" best artists of 2k9, I had no choice but to exercise my right as Admin and give my hearsay on the Artist...lets roll

International Artist's


Barry NuBuck: Holy shit have I (and many others) been eagerly awaiting MSTRKRFT’s sophomore LP entitled "Fist of God" ever since I heard "The Looks"... Then they gave us a glimpse of how far they had come in defining their level, style and carving out new paths for the dance punk scene when they released their single “Bounce” featuring rapper N.O.R.E. with the b-side club weapon "Vuvuvu" (made after a conversation they had with Justice about how they make vuvuvu music). They also recently just finished up an extensive Fist of God tour promoting their new album... But were very tight fisted about releasing any of the tracks off the album. Not even to any of their friends.
Fist of God will definitely rock the dance punk ship in more ways than one, especially by featuring some very unlikely artists like Ghostface Killah, Freeway, John Legend, N.O.R.E., E-40, and Lil' Mo.
One things for sure, it will raise and set the bar for the forth coming years scene and releases. The LP is out March 17 on
Dimmak/ Downtown records. The Album art is yet again by SeriPop who were responsible for that of The Looks. Word from JFK is that they have already started LP 3... and quoted from JFK on the MSTRKRFT forum when asked about the third LP "[we are] throwing everything out the window. LP#3 wont rock the boat, it will sink it. 

Jordanglowboi: Well as you can see from the above monasterytively informative paragraph, Barry will be doing the long and complicated explanations and so on from here on out...While I will be that Guy giving his general opinion about the following Artists...Well what can I say about MSTRKRFT, aside form the fact that they deliver the goods every time they release a track? That they drive the direction that alt dance music moves in? That they are so cool that you can't even describe them? Well no...MSTRKRFT is MSTRKRFT, they are a defining band for a generation, when one of them commits suicide (PLEASE god don't!) we will all mourn, we will all want to sit and listen to their album over and over again. We will play back there live videos and tracks...and some freak that never knew them will eventually write a book about their life...Fist of God will be amazing and will change the way we feel about dance music and for one reason and one reason only...MSTRKRFT...done. 

Cant wait. To hear MSTRKRFT’s new sound check out the these videos posted earlier.

"J F K"

Barry NuBuck: While still in the MSTRKRFT camp, JFK is releasing his first solo original EP entitled "Baby Techo" this year on Frances Institubes Label. He called it Baby Techno because he made it while bouncing his daughter on his knee and made changes according to her reaction. She loves it apparently. Pretty neat if ya ask me.

Jordanglowboi: Why Not? Bouncing Children on Knees? Neat? Yes to all of the above...it will be good.

Metric - New Album out Aprilish?

Barry NuBuck: While changing the tempo completely but not leaving Canada, Toronto’s own Metric is releasing their long awaited next album this year somewhere around April. They recently released the first single from their up coming currently untitled album called "Help I’m Alive". As expected this song is incredible. Absolutely incredible. Just as you loose faith in rock, somebody releases something so genuinely incredible and quality. Metric did it for me. Theres a pretty nifty video on their website detailing Emily about to give up on the band to her journey of "authentic self discovery" in peru... and the creation of this track.

Jordanglowboi: I LOVE Metric. I knew that I loved Metric when I loved every second of their unreleased album "Grow Up And Blow Away". Most people hated the album calling it slow melodramatic crap...I say fuck you...It was great showing us the softer, darker side of Metric which later lead to the creation of one of my favorite albums of all time Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton's "Knives Don't Have Your Back". Metric proves to us that Electro Rock can still have substances. Like the track says "Beating Like a Hammer" Metric's lastest offering is going to be nothing short of brilliance, if the rest of the tracks are to follow the lead of "Help I'm Alive"  

Grab this awesome track here and hear the goodness.
Metric - Help I'm Alive

Yuksek - Away from the Sea

Barry NuBuck: If you checked out our recent ShuffleShame mix we sang praises to Yuksek and with good reason... the guy makes amazing music... not just club music, but music. I mentioned before that he graduated from Frances University of music somewhere near the top of his year and hasn’t slowed down one bit. He’s remixed everybody from Ghostface Killah and Ugod of the Wu-Tang to Van She, Surisimo, Adam Kesher and the Kaiser Chief among plenty others. His versatility is astonishing yet his style is undeniable. A class act from start to finish.
After releasing so many class remixes and a handful of stylish singles, Yuksek is ready to release his Debut Album entitled, "
Away from the Sea". Some cool videos n stuff under that linkage.

Jordanglowboi: Yusek is hot, so hot right now, that you will be killed for mis-spilling or mis-reading his name (Ouch), he actually reminds me of Hanzel from Zoolander. It seems that all French people are cool, so Yusek is no different, His remixes rock so much he got me listening to Wu-Tang (WTF?). His Album promise to deliver the goods and here at Fatchineseboi we believe it...His tracks "Tonight" and "I Like To Play" have both stolen my heart...I'm extremely excited for "Away From the Sea" I think you should be to.

We have for you here a little Album preview medley and a single off his album. I love his work and cant wait to get my hands on his album.
Yuksek - Away from the Sea Album preview medley

And Yukek's new single Tonight!
Yuksek - Tonight

And Barry just recently got his hands on a few more tracks off of Away from the Sea and he is sharing his favorite of the lot with you right here!! This track amazing! We hope to hear this being played out by everybody!
Yuksek - Extraball

LA Riots - Album in progress

Barry NuBuck: LA Riots have been kicking out some really great remixes over the past few blog years. Strictly remixers and DJ’s they haven’t yet released a single orginal track... that of course is all about to change. According to Daniel le Disko, one half of the duo, on the MSTRKRFT forums, they have stopped remixing for now to concentrate on doing originals for their up coming debut album. Title and release date still unknown, but judging by their remix of N.A.S.A music I’m positive it will be amazing.

Jordanglowboi: Too be honest I will believe it when I hear it...No doubt in my mind that LA Riots is one of the best remix acts around...But I find it hard to see them ever releasing an album. But I like to be proven wrong and sadly are proven wrong on countless occasions, so hopefully this will be be one of those occasions...I do love this track thou.

N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix) feat. Method Man, E40 & DJ Swamp

Shadow Dancer - Golden Traxe

Barry NuBuck: The glitchy tech wizards,Shadow Dancer, on Boys Noize records... Their productions are so uniquely refreshing in a field saturated with half assed LOLdistortion basslines. I like their stuff for sure and I am definitely excited about their debut Album titled Golden Traxe, coming out 23 February. Not quite in time for Valentines Day but just around the corner. So watch out for that one. They’ve also done remixes for the likes of The Faint, The Whip, Boys Noize, The Teenagers, Suicide Club, Chromeo and many more.
Last year they released a single entitled "Soap" which got a lot of play from the like of Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, D.I.M. and 2ManyDjs

Jordanglowboi: 2K9 is defiantly the year of Alt Dance musik....And Shadow Dancer is going to one of the defining acts of 2k9, his track "Soap" is so dirty good, it makes you wise you were in a Rave, in an abandoned warehouse, with 300 sweaty boiz and grilz breaking it down...bergies and all. With legends like Erol, Boys Noize and 2ManyDj's playing your tracks their is no way in hell that you are bad in any form. Shadow Dancer has a bright future and his album will probably rape your face twice...

‘ave a listen.
Shadow Dancer - Soap

And Barry's favourite remix that they've done... for the Faint.
The Faint - The geeks were right (Shadow Dancer vox remix)

Zombie Nation - Zombielicious

Barry NuBuck: Those of you know have been alive long enough to already know who Zombie Nation is forget everything you know. Long time homie of Tiga and Soulwax, Zombie Nation has quietly been working on some diabolical new sounds for quite some time now. Have a listen to the I am Tiga podcast for you savvy itunes nerds... and have a laugh at the interview where Tiga and Zombie talk about skiing in neon spandex and crackheads outside his studio. None the less... Zombie Nation is releasing a new album this year... with the amazingly imaginative title "Zombielicous". I would post you a track list but I doubt that would mean anything. Just know that his collaboration with Tiga is called ZZT and they released a track last year called "The Worm" on Turbo Recordings. His crew, predominantly comprising of 2ManyDjs, Erol Alkan and Tiga played it at like every show... It was big... actually it was huge. Check out the video. That’s all Im giving you coz the track was blogged, edited and bootleg remixed to death and back. Then Zombie Nation dropped "Forza" with remixes from FFFukkk OFFF and Housemeister. It’s a huge track... and has already been blogged to death and played out by practically everybody ... again including the aforementioned crew. It’s a biggie. Have a listen.

Jordanglowboi: Fuck I thought Zombie Nation was new....Barry's older than he looks kids...I love the name Zombie Nation it conjures all kinds of lovely visions of Rave Zombies in Neon, with GlowSticks sticking out of there decaying bodies...Forza is an Amazing track, we would have put it in the ShuffleShame mix but I said no cause its so damn over played....but for a good reason...Watch out for the Zombie cause he's gonna get you and its gonna be great...

Zombie Nation - Forza (original mix)

Barry also has another track off the album... but seeing as its been yanked off blog pages faster than the South African Government can waste our tax monies on themselves, We think we'll save it for another time... its called "Worth it Pt. 1", and lives up to its title, so keep an eye out for that!

Tiga - New Album out 2K9 (Already?)

Barry NuBuck: While on the topic of ZZT, the Worm and the crew... Tiga is releasing a new album this year since god knows when. His track "Mind Dimension" if you haven’t already heard it is another huge track being dropped (Again!) by the likes of 2ManyDjs, Erol Alkan etc etc...I have recently discovered that there is to be a Bloody Beetroots remix of it, featured on their 2009 remix teazer, so there is a happy ending after all. Out of all the remixes of "Mind Dimension" there isn’t a really good one out there and again was blogged beyond death... so lets all wait patiently until the Bloody Beetroots remix drops shall we? Okay.

Jordanglowboi: WANT! END!

Here you go Van She Tech Whooo!

Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Van She Tech Remix)

Local Artist's

Barry NuBuck: I guess this post wouldn’t be complete without some localness now would it? Usually being the first to hate on anything South African (FailTrain anybody?) I cant say anything bad at all about the following artists...

Jordanglowboi: Local is Lekker...the Best way to Descripe our local scene is pathetic...but these Boi's and Grils are trying hard to change that and we will help them every step of the way...Expect Interviews with all these bands very soon :)


Barry NuBuck: This guy is cool. I had the pleasure of checking Him out whilst in that Caped city... His live performance was smooth, styling and terrific fun... He have a uniquely african personal brand going on... and their music pretty much reflects this too. I'm definately not into townshippy-kwai-tech stuff at all, but I somehow really dig Gazelle's work... proof enough that its that good if a non-believer like me is down with it?
Snag their track Try from Jordan's post's on em earlier.
Gazelle - Try and Gazelle Feature 

Jordanglowboi: From the first time I set eyes on Gazelle it was love. I'm by large and far one of his biggest fans and supporters. His live act is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen, too come out of a South African artist...And with his the up and coming Album to be released this week I'm proud to be a South African with Artist like him around. Xander has crafted a truly South African sound with His album. It is something that truly feels like a local product not trying to copy the manufactured sounds of Europe and America...Gazelle you do us proud I salute you!


Barry NuBuck: Ha! nothing much to add to Jordan's post on em earlier... except these guys are really on it! From Murray just being an awesome dude in general, to an amazing artist and a pretty dam convincing producer and performer to Nick being... well i dont really know Nick except for his work... which is, well is dam rad! Together these guys are just brilliant.

Jordanglowboi: Well I wrote about how much I love these guys like 2days ago....But I still have to scream that they are the Fucken business. I love these Boi's and Gril, Murray is just such a funny bastard, Haley is a creative little genius...and Nick well Nick and me tend to get ourselves in bit of trouble Raving, but I love it. Except great things from these Kids these year...I do

Cutout Collective

Barry NuBuck: We havent covered these guys properly yet (Jordan: Gimme a fucken Break I'm Busy). Tim and Jason, in my opinion, are some of the most talented artists in our land for sure! They like the Soulwax of Africa... haha what would that make them? ghetto-soulwax? Well anyhow, Tim as you might know is an awesome DJ and accomplished clubby producer (with a horrible name) and will rock a dance floor with his grindcore electro arsenal... but that doesnt mean he cant chop out some meaty riffs on a bass and scream some anthemy vox at ya. Jordan says Tim can play like 10 instruments or something... and the girls love him... well the high school variety anyhow. Jason... he's like got enough talent in him for a whole band alone... and partnered with Tim... ya can just imagine. I like Jason. He always has time to talk music nerdery with me... we ramble on about the latest soft synths, marvel at Ableton and moan about the mastering process for hours... Apparently he is like a young eric clapton on a Gtar too... but in COC hes on Keys, sampler and some other paraphanalia...
Together they are brilliant.

Jordanglowboi: Well I don't want to write something profound cause I have to later...I love Tim and Jay, I've known them going four years now, we have seen some good times...I've known them since the days they were in a Brit Pop band called Wanton and have never once in my life doubted that they would become one of the best acts in South Africa. Too talented for there own good, Jay and Tim have already started work on 6 new tracks and a Full length album, with a complete re-envisioned sound for the Collective. They have so much to offer and when they bring it this year it is going to be huge..Watch out because I warned you.

Cutout are releasing their debut EP, its called Eponymous and its coming out on the Deconstruction record label. There Debut Music vid is in a previous post by Jordan Here!. Here's a sneak preview track for ya'll to enjoy...


Barry NuBuck: Sibot and Spoek... what a combo. These guys are killing it right now. Last year they toured most of the EU, who actually cant wait for them to go back. I posted their track "it's that beat" on the MSTRKRFT forum last year and the kids over in the US and Canada were loving it... why they havent toured there yet is beyond me, but im sure its in the pipeline. Anyways... last year Frenchie Toxic Avenger on I heart Comix did a remix for them that topped Hypem charts for a blog month or so. Thats kinda a big deal for a South African duo ya know... the track was rad and I can't wait to hear what else they gonna drop this year... so keep your clicker on their myspace.
If you ever bump into either of these guys, say whats up, they cool as hell... genuinely nice dudes.
Sibot has been around for years now and has really come into his own... a great producer and a ripper of a DJ.
Spoek has featured on so many club tracks with international producers I've lost count... honestly. From where im sitting he's one of the most sort after vocalists/ rappers from round 'ere so keep an eye on him... and his other projects, homie gonna go triple plat one of these days!

Jordanglowboi: All I can say is Sibot and Spoek....FUCK YEAH! It's going to be good.

Heres that track... i mean "its that beat" and the Toxic Avenger remix to be sure.
Playdoe - It's that Beat
Playdoe - It's that Beat (Toxie Remix)


That almost brings us to a close for now... but there are still future releases to look out for... no details as of yet, but we can't be long until Fake Blood drops a new original. ‘ol Theo Keating just released a new EP entitled Vampires under this Touche Moniker... so we guess once he’s bored of being Touché for a while, he’ll release something new as the amazing Fake Blood... and we will bring it to you hot off the wire.

A lot happening this half of 2009 here in Jozi. Our friend Kesh over at the End is Nigh has taken a bold leap into the present by booking the Bloody Beetroots for one night on March 7th... We will be covering the story in all the gory details... and will be doing a full post on it soon.... so check back soon and start saving your party monies for this, skip coke fest... coz its going to be the best thing you’ve been to!

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