Chic Afrique Some African Flavour

So this Blog is suppose to be about Music, Parties, Interesting events and my everyday experiences with all of it, but most importantly how it takes place in Johannesburg South Africa...Cause I live there

South Africa is a great fucken country...we actually, if we try really hard, have an amazing scene with great bands, DJ's and party goers. But somewhere down the line we forgot whats most important about going to party....having FUN, yes we forgot and deciced to be cool...FUCK THAT. So from now on its all about FUN,  From Today forth I will do my best to Keep the masses (You) in the loop of who, what and where the FUN is, in and around Jozi and sometimes the rest of SA hood.

So lets Kick it the fuck off with One of SA's most promising young Artists, with many more to follow

Chic Afrique Some African Flavour

Gazelle is by FAR one of the most interesting acts to come out of South African in a long time, widely recognized in Europe, he is barely known in his own hometown. I've had the pleasure of viewing Gazelle on stage, being BLOWN away I might add, and by working with him on a small project last year. Gazelle has a stage PRESENCE like no other, from around these parts, as soon as his lips hit the microphone it's all over for the audience as they fall completely head over heels for his voice, catchy lyrics and suave dance moves...plus the occasional back up dancer or two, not forgetting his edgey trusty partner in crime Dj Selector(Always clad in his uber dramatic Blackhead gear). With their undeniable cool style and dancebeat's Gazelle is a must for any Music lover in SA. Gazelle was born in 2006 with Xander Ferreira being the evil mastermind behind it all, he started out as a reggae singer known as the White Lion. Originally from a remote part of South Africa (Location to Remain Undisclosed),he grew up like most of us today being a part of authentic South African culture, in all it's confusing colorfulness. Gazelle had it's jump start when Xander started experimenting with electronic bedroom music. Mixing an element of Reggae Dub and Electro which created something fresh and interesting. Recently Xander has being working with Music Producer and Dj Nick Matthews from The Iridium Project and Coda.Together they combined an interesting mixture of background, electro beats and bass lines to create the very unique sound of Gazelle.The Plan to create what Gazelle call an authentic "Afrikan Elektronik Dance Musik". Of late Gazelle has planted seeds in the music scene in Cape Town and JoBurg, eagerly waiting for the roots to spread through the tip of Africa. 

Gazelle has finally finished his European tour entitled Chic Afrique…An African Disco spectacular. So far he has performed in some of the best venues in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Milan, Munich and London…He has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. In Italy, on an event in Rome where he performed for Rome Fashion Week. Where he also received multiple TV spots with MTV, Died Last Night and World Fashion TV. Gazelle has taken Europe by storm creating big followings in Italy, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden. The number one question that remains is why Havent we taken notice of Him...because really Kid's He is that Fucking Amazing to watch. Gazelle's full length album entitled "Chic Afrique"  is still currently in the production and will be launched around on late January early February 2009. This is sure to be one of the must have local albums of 2009...Luckly for you I have two of Gazelle's tracks for you to take a quick peek at, do yourself a favour and listen while you surf..

Gazelle - Noendebelle

Gazelle - Options

Xander’s previous project The White Lion, has collaborated with his cousin Hip Hop Star Weez to create an album that was recently signed by Fred Sherman’s record label “Latin Thug Records” in Los Angeles. Can't wait to get my hands on this... 

Gazelle Homepages: Myspace


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