Terrible Tuesday's?

So last night I had a brain storm, blogs are always pumping the new and popular shit...Which is usually really good even if it doesn't fall into your particular tastes. But then it occurred to me, why don't we have a blog reminding us of those horrible music mistakes that were made though out the ages, mainly during the 90's...

So from today fourth Tuesdays will be the day of Terrible music, YAY

Here's are first track of many to follow...It's actually not that horrible, as I felt I should at least ease you guys into the concept

Here we go enjoy, but probably not:

After this you will probably need to here something decent so why not hit fatchineseboi's Down the line in 2K9, too hear the big artist's of 2K9

Please feel free to send us suggestions to jordanglowboi@gmail.com or barrynubuck@gmail.com

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