Weird Track Wednesday

Yesterday Jordan tried to pursuade me to post something that had caught my ear this last two weeks. There were two problems with this, you see, what could I possibly post after his Terrible Track Tuesday (which, I must add is genuinely terrible) and have it taken seriously in anyway (kinda like Jordans spelling (Hey you speed write articles all day Dickface)). Then there was the fact that I havent really heard anything amazing in the last two weeks that wasnt in some way or another Yuksek related. I think I'm going to have to do another Yuksek post soon because the guy is just on fire.

So not to be out done by Jordans
Terrible Track Tuesday, I decided to come up with my own regular slot... Weird Track Wednesday. What I have for you today is definately weird but at the sametime so so so very big at the moment.
Its an act called
Dance Area and they have a track called AA 24/7 or ALLWAZE ANYTIME 24/7. What i know about Dance Area is that the project kind of started as a joke or something where "Dirk Boogie" recorded a janitor, at the END nightclub in London, rapping on his Iphone. Then took this back to his studio and made a track.
A few months later Erol Alkan played the dam thing on this
Annie Mac show... and the next thing ya know, the track is signed, theres a mountain of remixes and everybody from Treasure Fingers, Jokers of the scene to Diplo were playing it. madness.

I admit its a fun song with an equally fun (but completely dreadful) video, as you can see below... featuring the rising janitorial Rap star, Austin.

You can scoop the original track here in its full glory

Dance Area - AA 24/7 (original mix)

Now Diplo has just dropped his remix today... in its not-quite-full-glory. I like Diplos remix the most outta the lot... its got the trademark Diplo B more club anthemy feel. nice.

Dance Area - AA 24/7 (Diplo remix)

There are other remixes by
Starkey, Noob and SkullJuice to fit this track into any dance genre you might fancy...

Be ahead of the herd by clicking on down to
Beatport to buy yourself the full quality remixes of this soon to be over played Euro-Kwai-tech anthem. off ya go.

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