Jerk it Nasty like

So I was on leave for a glorious week and a half... just got back to my sweatshop bench today to be greeted with over 500 music blog posts in my google reader (seriously, if ya not on the Reader, ya best ask somebody, best webby thing ever) to wade and sift through... Found some real gems... and I will share them all (most) with you in due time (meaning within this blog month*)

The one that struck me first was Nasty Navs remix of Thunderheist Electro Hyphy hammer of a track "Jerk It". Now Nasty Nav is long time friend of JFK aka Jesse F Keeler, most likely better known as a half of the titan club music producing duo MSTRKRFT and solo bedroom producer of arguably the best club music, like ever... anyhow,I digress.

So Nasty Nav and Jesse teamed up to do a remix of Jerk it, right. You can hear it on either of their myspaz pages. There were myspaz rips of this epic remix floating about the interwebs for ages, but (very) sadly no high quality release... ever, up until now. So what I have for you is the Nasty Nav "Solo" remix... not the JFK and Nasty Nav Colab... its totally a conciliation prize... but its a prize none the less. The track is dope and its its full 320kbps... grab it while its hot.

Thunderheist - Jerk It (Nasty Nav Remix) (zshare)

*blog month = +- 1 real week consult
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