Tigers on Strike

I'd like to start off by saying that I am in no ways a fan of South Africa (Jordanglowboi...he's lying he loves it), I just live here. I used to say the same for South African music (Thats true)... for too long we had to put up with utter rubbish in almost every genre... and somehow some people here loved it and supported it like their sense of taste was impaired from being drunk on patriotism of something...
Luckily for us and South African music, things are changing rather rapidly for the better. In our post on things down the line in 2k9 i spoke about some of the local artists that Fatchineseboi thought were doing things rather well... but there was a small problem with that list. See that list didn't feature the likes of Tigerstrike.
Now I've just recently woken up to Tigerstrike's music, through an old friend Brett... and well facebrick. Now you may think I'm just pluggin' an old mates band... Thats definatley not the case here... and really when you look at theses guys backgrounds its quite convincing that they've got a bit of experience behind em...

You have Raffael. I don't know him personally but he's on Keys and lead vox... He's was/is in a band called The Sound (good name that. cant believe that wasn't taken already) and formally A new world inside.

Then theres Brett. He's good at rolling 10 pin, but even better on drums. He used to thrash beats for Vendetta Cartel... But I'm guessing he traded that gig in for a more mature and developed sound in TigerStrike. Quite frankly I'm glad he did.

And last but certainly not least theres Jonathan. He runs a modest little skate store on long street some of you might know as the Baseline studio, which isnt a surprise since he's on Bass respectively. Jonathan is also a great DJ, under his ironic Orlando Doom moniker, having played Summercase in Europe last year.

Some say they bonded over a shared love for Wild Life specials on Animal Planet... but I have a feeling its more to do with a shared love for creating great music and old Vietnam Movies....

Their sound really appeals to me, its dark but fantastically hooky, it has great synth lines coupled with big bass riffs, punchy drums and they're a bunch of really cool guys! What more could you ask for really? ummm... To hear some songs obviously...
Tigerstrike were kind enough to send us some really great tracks, hot outta the studio. I'm really into their track "Disappear", technically its brilliant, but it's the hook and eerie synth in the breakdown that keeps this track firmly in my daily playlist. 'ave a listen.

There's also a remix from the Caped City's own Haezer.

It doesn't end there, because I have a cheeky exclusive track for ya'll...

So really, there's not much more I need to say about these guys, their music speaks for itself. I for one am really looking forward to hearing more from Tigerstrike in the future and feel relieved that there is a movement in our parts towards good and unique music.

Word from the band is that they are currently working on an EP. No name or definite release date yet, but we here at FatChineseboi will keep you up to speed.If you in or around that Caped City you can catch them live at Day Dream Nation and other events. Hopefully we'll see em performing in our dirty city in the not so distant future.

Go on down to their Myspace and facebrick pages to show them some love...Expect an Interview soon

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