Yeah Yeah Yeah, MSTRKRFT starts riots!

Word. So MSTRKRFT is too much for Austin Texas... dam right.

Kids rioted outside of the DIM MAK party at SXSW 2009, coz they couldnt get into to the MSTRKRFT performance... Cops shut down the music and wanted to arrest the MSTRKRFT duo, Jesse and Al-P, for inciting a riot, which is illegal in Austin Texas... Kids inside started chanting n shit... but thanks to MSTRKRFTs lawyer the party got started again... peep the video above for all the action.

Always imagined that this type of music could start a riot... case proven.

Now to help get ya'll rioting for the weekend to start i have a super deluxe remix for ya. Its the yet to be released MSTRKRFT remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest single "Zero".

Sadly this is a very low bit rate copy, but it'll give ya a pretty good idea of what to look forward to! enjoy.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Also dont forget to scoop yourself a copy of MSTRKRFT's new album, FIST OF GOD, over at AMAZON.


Loose Change...

I cant remember whether Jordan's introduced ya'll to the concept of loose change in a musical sense... see I only put complete EPs and LPs in folders... everything else goes into one gigantic folder of tracks... which means i use media player and itunes to keep track of it all. Jordan hates this and always calls me names coz of it... so every time i give him new music i drop it in a folder called "loose change"... History lesson over...

Anyways since i feel pretty bad for not posting ya'll some amazing tracks in a while [complete lie] i thought i would spare ya some loose change... he ya go, dont spend it all at once...

First up, i dont think ive mentioned before how much i love Surkins work... him and Bobmo are the future for real... heres Surkins latest remix for The Juan Maclean... and my favourite Bobmo track from many a blog year ago...

The Juan Maclean - One Day (Surkin Remix)

Bobmo - To The BobMobile

needs no introduction on these pages... (no kidding)... but here is the extended club version of my favourite track off of his debut Album "Away from the Sea"...

Yuksek - Extraball (Original Extended)

My favourite "up n coming" production duo AutoErotique, now on DIMMAK records, create an dangerous club weapon (complete with grown man synths)... from a horrible horrible song...

Chris Cornell - Part of Me (AutoErotique Remix)

... thats all the change i can spare today, i still needa buy smokes... so till next... ciao

thats a Warp...

WxAxRxP from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

Typos intentional... I know its been too long since we last spoke... but bloggers, believe it or not are real people too... and real people (should normally) have real jobs and lives that get all stressful, busy and what not. I mean look at Jordan, im sure he would love to be here posting funny or meaningful things for ya'll... but the truth is he's been revoked (banished?) to some far away trailer park land to film another horrible SA TV drama... I mean how is that not real life problems?

I wish i could warp away to a place where i could get paid to blog or make authentic club electro punk... and thats why i like this new track from the Bloody Beetroots... that semi, sorta features Steve Aoki... its all the escapism and make believe of MTV rap music coupled with tearing Dominator synthlines... that turn dancefloors into mosh pits...
... that and the bloody beetroots opened with this track when they were here in Jozi so good memories all around.

Plus watching this video gives hope to all those mediocre film makers that they too can shoot cookie cutout hipster music videos... that are perceived as authentic to some...

24 or so hours later than promised release date.... heres Warp 1.9

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9


Easy there Tiger...

While posting about Orlando Dooms mix below and how he was one third of TigerStrike... I remembered I got some new remixes of their flagship track "Disappear"... and its bout time I share them with ya'll...

The first one is by a fellow that goes by the name of CoDeC, whom I know very little about... but his track speaks for itself... a glitchy, dirty, Electro-Tech groover...

Tigerstrike - Disappear (CoDeC Remix)

The second is by Lapse who has mustered quite a bit of love in the Blog Universe with this indie anthemy electro remixes... this one is no exception... nice.

Tigerstrike - Disappear (Lapse Dub mix)

Doom on yo Dancefloor

Its Friday, word up... feels like its been a long time coming... and there are few better ways to set the dawn of the weekend ablaze, than with a dope party mix.

Now I asked my mate, Orlando Doom, from Cape Town a while ago to do a mix for the blog, coz I think he's got the skills and appreciate his tastes... and he very kindly obliged. Then i got busy and like a jerk sat on it for a while... well im gonna set that right now.

Heres a lil bio that will get ya'll a lil better aquainted.

ORLANDO DOOM hails from the city of Cape Town – grew up playing in post punk and indie bands as a kid and got heavily influenced by the whole electronic music scene in the late 90’s. Combining those two loves he plays an infamous blend of emotional and melodic electro making your heart beat and feet jump ….. co host of the DAYDREAM NATION parties in cape town and one third of the band TIGERSTRIKE catch him playing at dancefloors across the country or hit up baselinestudio to get a taste of whats playing in his head

Fatchineseboi and Orlando Doom present ya'll with...


tegan and sarah - back in your head (stop die remix)
foals - electric bloom (wudwerd remix)
frankmusik - better off as two (mathhead remix)
designer drugs - back up in this (le castle vania remix)
fukkk offff - rave is king (le castle vania remix)
figure - volume pals (coin operated boy remix)
hot chip - touch too much (fake blood remix)
the ting tings - be the one (japanese popstars remix)
digitalism - taken away (fredrick carlsson remix)



Yo! I know its been too long since we last posted anything... but shit's been wild up on this side. My day job has been squeezing me for everything im worth and Jordan is still revoked to land of the broadbandless whilst on set filming for another lame SA TV drama...

Dont hate just yet coz we got some contraband headed your way very soon... and to get ya back on all that junk heres something so cool, i just had to push a certain corporate off my back and share this with ya'll...

If ya'll have been paying attention, MSTRKRFT dropped their sophomore album "Fist of God" yesterday... its amazing... so amazing im not gonna give it to ya but urge you to go buy it!
I digress, to promote their album, Jesse and Al from MSTRKRFT performed their single "Bounce" from the album, LIVE, last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Yup live as in band live! Real drums, real synths on stage... Videos at the top of the post... peep that shit!

Heres what Jesse had to say about it (and the crappy TV sound):

"...he was actually reading the lyrics, not checkin text msgs.

you know what was the most funny for me, is that was the most people ive played with on a stage since like 2001. hahaha. i guess thats why im not a live guy... cause i dont like trusting anyone with makin music with me. thats why al and i have lasted for the last 10 years.... cause neither of us ever have. hahah.

i dont know... its exactly what i thought it would be like: a live version of a song that wasnt ever live. whats important to me is that we actually played live and at least (even if the sound was bad? i havnt seen it yet) we played perfectly. when you play on tv, there is so much thats out of your hands... so combine that with the variable of having other people playin with you and youre settin yourself up for a big compromise. i had fun though. for whatever reason, i thought it was hilarious the whole time. i couldnt stop laughing.

EDIT: i just watched it on youtube. holy shit the mix was so bad! wow. im in awe of how bad it was considering it sounded pretty awesome in the room. funny cause my bass was the loudest thing when we did it, and on tv it was the quietest thing. figures. i basically re-created my dfa79 bass setup for this and you cant even hear it. oh well. i guess youll just have to believe me when i say i played great. hahahahha

j f k"

hahaha... heres what Al had to say about it:

"i'm doing the best that i can
to get out of my head
what's out of my hands"


I got what you need, baby!

I'm excited about this one... Tiga's new album, Ciao! I mentioned previously Tiga was releasing an album this year and that it was gonna be great... well, as expected... it is.

The official launch date is 20 April 2009 and heres the tracklist with one of my favourite tracks off the album for you as an appitizer.

Ciao! Tracklist:
Beep Beep Beep (ft. Soulwax)
Mind Dimension (ft. Jori Hulkkonen)
Shoes (ft. Soulwax & Gonzales)
What You Need (ft. Soulwax, vocals: Jake Shears)
Luxury (ft. Gonzales)
Sex O’Clock (ft. James Murphy)
Overtime (ft. Soulwax)
Turn The Night On (ft. Gonzales)
Speak, Memory (with Jasper Dahlback and Phillipe Zdar)
Gentle Giant (ft. James Murphy)
Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax)

"What you need" has been given The Proxy treatment and is sounding amazing, so keep a ear out for that!


Bloody Video

Heres a really dope video of what went down last Saturday at The End is Nigh presents The Bloody Beetroots. The video portrays pretty much the madness that went down, minus the crowd surfing insanity. This video was filmed and edited by a very talented Mr. Ben Crossman. Big ups!

(Tracks in the video are: Adam Sky Vs Mark Stewart - We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers remix) and Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up!!)


Bloody Amazing!

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders

As far as we here at Fatchineseboi is concerned, The End is Nigh presenting the Bloody Beetroots on Saturday night changed the history of Johannesburg forever!

As I mentioned earlier in our post leading up to the monstrous event, it had been a long time dream of mine to witness the super-heros of ElectroRavePunk myself... and that dream came true... and it was so much more than I could ever have hoped for.

The scene, as i refer to it, is only in its infancy internationally, has just been conceived here... and Saturday night was the birth of Electro Dance Punk in Africa.

Now when i say Dance Punk i dont mean that psuedo post punk stuff that wikipedia refers to... i mean the blog generation Electro... bloghouse... whatyamahcallit.
I say dance punk because it is formally like 4/4 type electronic dance music, but having been to traditional electro dance music events like... oh say like David Guetta... and then having experienced the awesome that is the Bloody Beetroots... i can tell you they are very different things... Barrier climbing, hands in the air, Screaming, Crowd surfing insanity different!! The new generation of punk is here...

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders

Jordan celebrated his birthday too on Saturday and all he could say is how it was the best birthday ever... It was definately the most awesome show i have ever been too... and wish i could press rewind and do it all over again... Practically everybody that was there on Saturday were blown away... if the people attending didnt know who the Bloody Beetroots were, they sure do now.

Performance wise The Bloody Beetroots owned... High energy tracks, smoothly mixed... then tweaked and given that Bloody Touch! From the moment they set foot on stage they hit us with their upcoming banger Warp 9.1 featuring Steve Aoki... then proceeded to work the crowd up into a frenzy with notable tracks like the Crookers Remix of Raven, Wake Up by Le Petit Pilous, Warp 7.7, Mr Oizo's Gay Dentists and Positif, their own remix of Bounce... and even Daft Punks One more time... I also heard some amazing unreleased tracks in there... giving us a glimpse of the pure awesome coming our way in 2k9!

We at Fatchineseboi would like to give a huge thanks to the crew of The End is Nigh for presenting us the most banging show Jozi has ever seen!
Heres to The End is MSTRKRFT! (Hint Hint) haha.

To celebrate The End is Bloody's insane success, heres some more Bloody great tracks.

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp 9.1 [Live Rip]

Aston Shuffle Feat Tommie Sunshine - Stomp Yo Shoes (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders


Get yo wax on... and off

Things have been so busy this side lately I totally missed Weird Wednesday... and Jordans on set at the moment so theres no hope there either... this tracks too late for Weird wednesday, but too good not to share...

Now, these lads in the Pic above are known as Mr. Miyagi (yes, grasshopper) . They used to thrash out some of the rawest punk electro tracks and definately one of my favs... then, they suddenly dropped off the face of the earth (interwebs) leaving us wondering...
Now they have re-emergered with a completely re-engineered sound... I do miss their old sound... but this track is so dope and refreshing... I've been playin it on repeat along side Fist of God and Zombielicious....

Ya RLY! The track's got these super dope horns that ya cant help but throw ya hands in the air too... 'ave a listen.

Mr Miyagi - We Gonna Give You The Lesson

oh yeah and dont forget that End is Nigh presents the Bloody Beetroots this Saturday!


March 7, The End is Bloody!!!

For the longest time I would sigh, as I surfed Youtube to catch a glimpse of my favourite Dancefloor superheroes slay clubs and festivals the world over, wishing that somebody with enough power would bring the awesome acts of our time to the tip of Africa...

My prayers have been answered! The Bloody Beetroots are coming to Johannesburg, South Africa!

This is the best thing to happen to Jozi, probably ever... and we have the superhumans; Kesh, Donovan and Jeremy over at The End is Nigh to thank for this heroic feat!

Ok... Hopefully by now ya'll know who The Bloody Beetroots are and definately as excited as we are about this. I mean... they are the future of this scene, the posterbois of DancePunk...

So... This is how its gonna go down:

Saturday, the 7th of March 2009.
The Alexander Theatre
36 Stiemens Street

R100 gets you in. No pre-sale tickets... so get there early!
Doors open at 9 pm. DJs start at 10pm.
Secure parking at the Liberty Life Parkade.

Word is that the sound system they got for these boi's is something hardly ever seen this side of the world... Epic Sound, Epic performance Guarenteed!

Super Linkage:

The End Is Nigh Bloody Beetroots Party On Facebook

The End Is Nigh Facebook Group

The End Is Nigh Blog

To celebrate this monumental step forward for Jozi City, here is a super bundle of my favourite Bloody Beetroot work. Enjoi! and see ya'll there... get ready to rage!

Tiga - Mind Dimension (bloody Beetroots rmx)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Bloody Beetroots rmx)

The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius

The Bloody Beetroots - Rombo

The Bloody Beetroots - Detroit

Shitdisco - 72 Virgins (bloody Beetroots rmx)

This week is The End is Bloody week and will post more stuff in celebration... so keep checking back!

Back like Batman.

Yo! We back after kinda taking the last blog week off for some pathetic and some very valid reasons.I know it feels like an eternity since we last spoke... as a blog week is a very long time and everything can change up in that time... well it kinda did... electro is dead and acoustic folk techno is the latest and greatest thing.

Just kidding... but that would be pretty awesome. Anyhow... We've been busy working on some cool things that will surface soon enough... i dunno if ya know or not that practically everything exciting we talked about in down the line in 2009 was leaked on the interwebs...way ahead of release time. Pretty exciting for us... but no im not giving out links... Instead i have a handful of tastey treats to sustain that ravenous hunger. Here ya go, I'll explain while you chew.

Dancefloor fire starters, Thunderheist get a bouncey rework from fatchineseboi fav's, Mansion.

Thunderheist - Sweet 16 (Mansion Remix)

My buddy, FISK, outta the UK gave me this one... its so very awesome... kinda like a raw feelin Yuksek type yet totally unique. Highly recommended.

Fisk - Death In The Streets

We've never confessed our love for that ginger genius Boy 8-bit... so i think its about time. This ones been around for a while but totally worth sharing.

Jack Beats & Mc Dynamite - What (Boy 8-Bit mix)

Here now i have some previews of some pretty sweet things to come.
Andy George can do no wrong... I think... I mean him n his mate Jaymo throw the sickest parties up in Moda and they have their own slot of BBC Radio 1. Thats gotta count for a lot. Plus, need i say much about the Futureheads?

The Futureheads - I Wouldn't Be Like This If You Were Here (Andy George Remix)

Now heres something interesting. [[[ZUPER BLAHQ]]] is one of the latest signings to DIMMAK records... His identity is somewhat of a mystery... His track I snagged here is really slammin... and the Bloody Beetroots have already remixed it, a preview of which can be heard on their 09 remix teazer... His style is pretty fresh in a throw back kinda way... its kinda oldskoolnewskool loopy elctro hip house??? seriously 'ave a listen.


Now... March is going to be a huge month y'all... huge! Ya know, MSTRKRFTS album, Fist Of God, is out on the 17th, Zombielicious is out on the 9th and... the Bloody Beetroots are gonna be here in South Africa! hell fucking yeah! rumours confirmed in stone! more on that inna bit.