Bloody Amazing!

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders

As far as we here at Fatchineseboi is concerned, The End is Nigh presenting the Bloody Beetroots on Saturday night changed the history of Johannesburg forever!

As I mentioned earlier in our post leading up to the monstrous event, it had been a long time dream of mine to witness the super-heros of ElectroRavePunk myself... and that dream came true... and it was so much more than I could ever have hoped for.

The scene, as i refer to it, is only in its infancy internationally, has just been conceived here... and Saturday night was the birth of Electro Dance Punk in Africa.

Now when i say Dance Punk i dont mean that psuedo post punk stuff that wikipedia refers to... i mean the blog generation Electro... bloghouse... whatyamahcallit.
I say dance punk because it is formally like 4/4 type electronic dance music, but having been to traditional electro dance music events like... oh say like David Guetta... and then having experienced the awesome that is the Bloody Beetroots... i can tell you they are very different things... Barrier climbing, hands in the air, Screaming, Crowd surfing insanity different!! The new generation of punk is here...

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders

Jordan celebrated his birthday too on Saturday and all he could say is how it was the best birthday ever... It was definately the most awesome show i have ever been too... and wish i could press rewind and do it all over again... Practically everybody that was there on Saturday were blown away... if the people attending didnt know who the Bloody Beetroots were, they sure do now.

Performance wise The Bloody Beetroots owned... High energy tracks, smoothly mixed... then tweaked and given that Bloody Touch! From the moment they set foot on stage they hit us with their upcoming banger Warp 9.1 featuring Steve Aoki... then proceeded to work the crowd up into a frenzy with notable tracks like the Crookers Remix of Raven, Wake Up by Le Petit Pilous, Warp 7.7, Mr Oizo's Gay Dentists and Positif, their own remix of Bounce... and even Daft Punks One more time... I also heard some amazing unreleased tracks in there... giving us a glimpse of the pure awesome coming our way in 2k9!

We at Fatchineseboi would like to give a huge thanks to the crew of The End is Nigh for presenting us the most banging show Jozi has ever seen!
Heres to The End is MSTRKRFT! (Hint Hint) haha.

To celebrate The End is Bloody's insane success, heres some more Bloody great tracks.

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp 9.1 [Live Rip]

Aston Shuffle Feat Tommie Sunshine - Stomp Yo Shoes (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Photo courtesy Chris Saunders

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