Get yo wax on... and off

Things have been so busy this side lately I totally missed Weird Wednesday... and Jordans on set at the moment so theres no hope there either... this tracks too late for Weird wednesday, but too good not to share...

Now, these lads in the Pic above are known as Mr. Miyagi (yes, grasshopper) . They used to thrash out some of the rawest punk electro tracks and definately one of my favs... then, they suddenly dropped off the face of the earth (interwebs) leaving us wondering...
Now they have re-emergered with a completely re-engineered sound... I do miss their old sound... but this track is so dope and refreshing... I've been playin it on repeat along side Fist of God and Zombielicious....

Ya RLY! The track's got these super dope horns that ya cant help but throw ya hands in the air too... 'ave a listen.

Mr Miyagi - We Gonna Give You The Lesson

oh yeah and dont forget that End is Nigh presents the Bloody Beetroots this Saturday!

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