I got what you need, baby!

I'm excited about this one... Tiga's new album, Ciao! I mentioned previously Tiga was releasing an album this year and that it was gonna be great... well, as expected... it is.

The official launch date is 20 April 2009 and heres the tracklist with one of my favourite tracks off the album for you as an appitizer.

Ciao! Tracklist:
Beep Beep Beep (ft. Soulwax)
Mind Dimension (ft. Jori Hulkkonen)
Shoes (ft. Soulwax & Gonzales)
What You Need (ft. Soulwax, vocals: Jake Shears)
Luxury (ft. Gonzales)
Sex O’Clock (ft. James Murphy)
Overtime (ft. Soulwax)
Turn The Night On (ft. Gonzales)
Speak, Memory (with Jasper Dahlback and Phillipe Zdar)
Gentle Giant (ft. James Murphy)
Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax)

"What you need" has been given The Proxy treatment and is sounding amazing, so keep a ear out for that!


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