Yo! I know its been too long since we last posted anything... but shit's been wild up on this side. My day job has been squeezing me for everything im worth and Jordan is still revoked to land of the broadbandless whilst on set filming for another lame SA TV drama...

Dont hate just yet coz we got some contraband headed your way very soon... and to get ya back on all that junk heres something so cool, i just had to push a certain corporate off my back and share this with ya'll...

If ya'll have been paying attention, MSTRKRFT dropped their sophomore album "Fist of God" yesterday... its amazing... so amazing im not gonna give it to ya but urge you to go buy it!
I digress, to promote their album, Jesse and Al from MSTRKRFT performed their single "Bounce" from the album, LIVE, last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Yup live as in band live! Real drums, real synths on stage... Videos at the top of the post... peep that shit!

Heres what Jesse had to say about it (and the crappy TV sound):

"...he was actually reading the lyrics, not checkin text msgs.

you know what was the most funny for me, is that was the most people ive played with on a stage since like 2001. hahaha. i guess thats why im not a live guy... cause i dont like trusting anyone with makin music with me. thats why al and i have lasted for the last 10 years.... cause neither of us ever have. hahah.

i dont know... its exactly what i thought it would be like: a live version of a song that wasnt ever live. whats important to me is that we actually played live and at least (even if the sound was bad? i havnt seen it yet) we played perfectly. when you play on tv, there is so much thats out of your hands... so combine that with the variable of having other people playin with you and youre settin yourself up for a big compromise. i had fun though. for whatever reason, i thought it was hilarious the whole time. i couldnt stop laughing.

EDIT: i just watched it on youtube. holy shit the mix was so bad! wow. im in awe of how bad it was considering it sounded pretty awesome in the room. funny cause my bass was the loudest thing when we did it, and on tv it was the quietest thing. figures. i basically re-created my dfa79 bass setup for this and you cant even hear it. oh well. i guess youll just have to believe me when i say i played great. hahahahha

j f k"

hahaha... heres what Al had to say about it:

"i'm doing the best that i can
to get out of my head
what's out of my hands"

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