Back like Batman.

Yo! We back after kinda taking the last blog week off for some pathetic and some very valid reasons.I know it feels like an eternity since we last spoke... as a blog week is a very long time and everything can change up in that time... well it kinda did... electro is dead and acoustic folk techno is the latest and greatest thing.

Just kidding... but that would be pretty awesome. Anyhow... We've been busy working on some cool things that will surface soon enough... i dunno if ya know or not that practically everything exciting we talked about in down the line in 2009 was leaked on the interwebs...way ahead of release time. Pretty exciting for us... but no im not giving out links... Instead i have a handful of tastey treats to sustain that ravenous hunger. Here ya go, I'll explain while you chew.

Dancefloor fire starters, Thunderheist get a bouncey rework from fatchineseboi fav's, Mansion.

Thunderheist - Sweet 16 (Mansion Remix)

My buddy, FISK, outta the UK gave me this one... its so very awesome... kinda like a raw feelin Yuksek type yet totally unique. Highly recommended.

Fisk - Death In The Streets

We've never confessed our love for that ginger genius Boy 8-bit... so i think its about time. This ones been around for a while but totally worth sharing.

Jack Beats & Mc Dynamite - What (Boy 8-Bit mix)

Here now i have some previews of some pretty sweet things to come.
Andy George can do no wrong... I think... I mean him n his mate Jaymo throw the sickest parties up in Moda and they have their own slot of BBC Radio 1. Thats gotta count for a lot. Plus, need i say much about the Futureheads?

The Futureheads - I Wouldn't Be Like This If You Were Here (Andy George Remix)

Now heres something interesting. [[[ZUPER BLAHQ]]] is one of the latest signings to DIMMAK records... His identity is somewhat of a mystery... His track I snagged here is really slammin... and the Bloody Beetroots have already remixed it, a preview of which can be heard on their 09 remix teazer... His style is pretty fresh in a throw back kinda way... its kinda oldskoolnewskool loopy elctro hip house??? seriously 'ave a listen.


Now... March is going to be a huge month y'all... huge! Ya know, MSTRKRFTS album, Fist Of God, is out on the 17th, Zombielicious is out on the 9th and... the Bloody Beetroots are gonna be here in South Africa! hell fucking yeah! rumours confirmed in stone! more on that inna bit.


  1. Acoustic folk techno still sounds better to me than emo-rap.

  2. Isnt emo-rap better known as R n B?