The !DIRTY!DIRTY! way to Celebrate

Fatchineseboi's main mayne, Spoek Mathambo is launching an enormously exciting series of Bi weekly partys in the Jozi area code.
To launch this long needed series of !DIRTY!DIRTY! partys, Spoek is throwing himself a dirty ol Birthday Bash... and ya'll are invited!

Some poetry from the man himself:







How can this not be amazing? so bring yo sisters, yo aunties and all their friends and lets get dirty...
Heres where its all at:

Location: XTREME BOWLING, BRAMLEY, Midways Mall
Street: 280 Corlett Drive
City/Town: Johannesburg, South Africa

Also dont forget to Join the !DIRTY!DIRTY! facebizzle group for info on the ill parties comin up... and peep Spoeks Bday Event for the whole low down.

Djedjotronic Feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Original Mix)

Loose Change - Rarities Edition

Seeing as the tradional music industry model of peddling hard goods to an end consumer is broken... where does this leave things? Giving away music for free? Not at all... it means there is a reintroduction of that long lost commodity of the music world... Scarcity...

This edition of Loose Change, I share with ya'll some rare vintage
(in blog years) tracks... only now in a high gloss coat of paint... ya know, not a myspace rip or something like that... the real stuff.

Proxy - Ready 2 Rock (Al-P edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

The Jump Off - Rack hunters (Mr Miyagi 'Pacman Soul' Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Danny DeVito gave me Shivers!

I've just wrapped up another game of Lazer Tag with my main man Danny DeVito (it's how we keep in such great shape) and that little dude can really move (like Willow in a bath of cocaine) and he's a real bitch to tag too (like Willow in a bath of cocaine).

While we were freshening up in the change rooms from our workout he shared with me a new track that only a celeb like him could cop, and it's sick.

So now I share it with you lot. 
Enjoy, and if you in Pretoria this weekend go catch Danny DeVito spinning on the wheels of steel in News Cafe Brooklyn.

That reminds me, that dude is so short when the guide light pops up on the 1200's it blinds him, I never tire of that sweet prank.

Danny you the man, thanks for the hot tip.

KrisP - Shivers (320Kbps MediaFire)


H.I.V.I.P what? Is that a new type of A.I.D's???

Spoek Mathambo (of Sweat X, Playdoe and God knows how many other acts Fame...) has just dropped me this lovely Mix today, which I'm honored to put up on our little blog that could. Spoek is one of the first and hopefully not the last Artists, to answer the call of fatchineseboi to create mix's for a South African and hopefully International audience. The mix is great and gives us a little look into the future of Spoek Mathambo and what the hell he listens too. Here are some words from the Master man known as Spoek...

I have been high in the mountains making music for you, yes you.
In this extra special mix dedicated to my friend, Shawn Mortensen. I have put in a lot of the super crucial new music I have been making as Moleke Mbembe and Slush Puppy Kids. With this Mix I want you to enjoy yourself. So go on...

Spoek Mathambo - H.I.V.I.P Devil House Mafias 2 MIX


Slush Puppy Kids - We The Best
Dj Mujava - Phelindaba
Banana Clipz - Push AM (Left, Right)
Bakstina - Dashboard Love
Eastwest - Pschadelic Disco
The Extra T's - Flash Boogie
Murkz - Please Don't Stop The Music
T2 - Heartbroken (Nastiboi Rmx)
Acslater - Hello (Moleke Mbembe Remix)
Dj Spyro - Spyro Spesh
Dj Murkz - Wwow Dutty
Moleke Mbembe - Heslostcontrol
Bujo Mujo - ??
Dj Mujava - Dipala Tsatwane
Spikiri The King Don Father- Unique
Chief Boima - Coupe Like Me Baby
Shakka Roxx - Shateh
Slush Puppy Kids - Too High
Dj Mujava - Tswara Tswara
Dj Takalani's House Magic - Donosa
Sibot - Chisa
Yuksek - Extraball (Moleke Mbembe Remix)
Solid Groove - This Is Sick
Thunderheist - Freddie
Playdoe - Ice Cream


Spoek Mathambo

You can catch up on the ongoings of Spoek on his blog SDOTX

Here are some other Mix's Spoek has dropped with his buddys:



Spoek mention above his mix was dedicated to his friend Shawn Mortensen, who sadly passed away, about a week ago. Shawn is actually how I meet Spoek. We worked together with Shawn on a Nike AM90 video which starred Spoek, it was a rather unique experience for me which I really enjoyed. Shawn was an extremely talented and gifted person, who got along with everyone he met. My only regret is that I never got to spend more time around such an Individual, as he inspired me to better myself and find the small pleasures in life. Our wishes are with all of Shawn's family and close friends at this time.

Below are some of my favorite pictures which Shawn took, please head over to Shawn's website to view more of his incredible work...http://www.shawnmortensen.org/

Error 404 - Track not found

I know I havent posted much lately (good reason aside)... but with this post, that will all fall by the wayside.

Theres not much I need to say about these two tracks that hasn't been said already... ya know, about how anticipated they've been or how Boys Noize, D.I.M. and Erol Alkan have been provoking crowds with the mysterious monster track "Mirror Error"... so instead, i just tell ya to have a listen to Das Glow and Djedjotronic's rewhipping of The Faint.

The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

The Faint - Ghost in the machine (Djedjotronic Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

These tracks are so good, you should go buy strip steve's remix too and the other tracks as .wavs so you can edit your own version once everbody starts playing em out.

Tiga'd out again.

Jeez, more Turbo... this time actually from Turbo Boss, Tiga...

I know Ive talked about his new album already, and that its good, but not really about how much of a piss take it actually is...

Tiga - Beep-Beep-Beep (Zshare) (Mediafire)

..but still it is good, and so are the remixes...

Tiga - What you need (Proxy Remix) (Full length) (Zshare)

Tiga - Shoes (Mr Oizo Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Tiga - Shoes (Djedjotronic Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Tiga - Shoes (Noob Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Turbo Dancin'

Its good to be back after working my way to freedom through a hideously large and terrible corporate client project... and to celebrate, lets dance... turbo dance. I mean, not the kind of turbo that Jordans into, ya know the fast & furious 5 kind... Im talking bout Turbo records new double disk compilation, Omnidance, celebrating their 10th Birthday...

Theres alot of us that have been anticipating Omnidance and the mad barrage from its acid infused electrotech contents... reason enough to celebrate for sure...

... I mean, who hasnt been waiting for the full length, full quality release of crookers rioting rework of 2008s biggest festival track, Raven?
Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

...Or Tiga's Tigas childhood friend, Mike Minds reinvention of acidtech?
Mike Mind - Acid Machine (Zshare) (Mediafire)

...and what about the KGB trained Proxy adding dancefloor clout to Moby?
Moby - I like to Move in here (Proxy Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

All a dam good reason to celebrate.

To dirgress, the great thing about Turbo is that it is that good but doesnt take it all to seriously...
I mean like this next track, its hilariously honest about the techno scene, but still good...
Kolombo - Sniff (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Fucken Twat

Ok yes we've fallen for that retard craze that everyone is currently in, aren't we just a bunch of hipster fags...oh well catch us on twitter at



It's Kinda Old News But Hey...

I've been away (and it's been so long and tiring...) and I struggle to find internet... Bunched between a Krugersdorp brothel masquerading as a hotel and macky Muldersdrift hospital that has seen far better days before we happened to come across it's path...Man cockroaches in a Hospital is so wrong...

But Anyway Bloc Party are releasing a new version of Intimacy (YAY or Boo, for however you felt about the Party's last musical outing, for me it was a YAY!) Any way the new version is of course all over the Internet's, no surprise there really. The album is remixed Album which is remixed by some super hot Masters and some very not so much talented idiots... So here you go! Here's the track listing and two of the remixes I actually like...

1. Ares -Villains Remix
2. Mercury - Hervé Is In Disarray Remix
3. Halo - We Have Band Dub Remix
4. Biko - Mogwai Remix
5. Trojan Horse - John B Remix
6. Signs - Armand Van Helden Remix (zshare)
7. One Month Off - Filthy Dukes Remix (zshare)
8. Zephyrus - Phase One Remix
9. Talons - Phones RIP Remix
10. Better Than Heaven - No Age Remix
11. Ion Square - Banjo or Freakout Remix
12. Letter To My Son - Gold Panda Remix
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter - Double D Remix


Zombies, Zombies Everywhere But Not a Brain to Eat.

 In the future all music, movies, artists and literature will have  something to do with Zombies  according to current  popular trends.  But as long as it's as good as it has been in the last  couple years  bring on the apocalypse,
 I'm proud to be a zombie biscuit.

Zombie Disco Squad are two young Djs from London (I heard 1 of them was born in Durban but moved to the U.K. as a wee babe, but can't reveal my source as it would appear as shameless name dropping), they are approaching the scene from such an acute angle, their music seems to cross various genre boundaries liberally and without passport every season. I guess it's house based rhythm that is stripped bare, fed with meaty miami bass while peppered with lashings of Baille Breaks and Tribal drums and vocals.


Their music has always kept me interested, I'm always keen to hear in which direction they have taken with every new song or remix of theirs I uncover. They have probably had the most staple track I've ever held onto in my sets (in an age where music isn't pasteurized and the interest expires before tracks are released), their remix of Kids On Vacation. That first break forever thrills me, and they show house music in it's true light since "House" has been a dirty word for so long. If I owned the "Kid's On Vacation" single on vinyl, it'd be ratty, warped and it'd hiss at you like an angry cobra every time the needle dropped.

We might someday see them on our shore's since their padre' Mowgli was here earlier this year, and would gladly

let them nosh my brain for evening.

This is some personal info from their agency's website:

"Zombies say YES: claude vonstroke, trumpets, tomtoms, baile funk, vans shoes, penfield, coffee, brazil, man recordings, tartlet recordings, dan m, berlin, london, house music, people that say please, jack daniels, vodka, sanpellegrino, bot, phra and the rest of the italian new wave, get rude, dj funk, lil wayne, frankie knuckles, african rhythms, brie & stilton, stickers, free clothes, partyharders, booty call.


Zombies say NO: new rave, breaks, blog house, dreadlocks, slow computers, bad mp3s, crap promos, writers block, rollerblades, mens cycling shorts, sandals, rain, bad design, bandwagon jumpers (suddenly like disco?), ryan air, nazis, cheeky promoters, skins, cheapskates." 

And on some other unrelated Zombie news, try watch a 4 part 1 hour show called "Dead Set", to learn what would happen if Zombie Apocalypse broke out during an eviction night on Big Brother. 

Simply genius. 

When Saints Go Machine - Kids On Vacation (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

(320Kbps MediaFire)

Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance

(320 Kbps MediaFire)


Zombielicious is the new Bootylicious

Dam, can ya'll believe we this far in the year already? What feels like eons ago we posted about all the musical genuis we were looking forward to this year... only thing is we didnt really follow through with letting ya'll know about things as they were released... all excuses aside, not one single release mentioned in that post was disappointing... and one release that has been in heavy playlist rotation is Zombie Nation's Zombielicious.
Its so dam tight... its like the Homework album of 2009. Im not even kidding. His organic acid electro creation is nothing short of a masterpiece... but ya'll shouldnt take my word for it... Instead listen to my most favourite track off of it.

Zombie Nation - Zombielicious
1. Mas De Todo
2. Get It
3. Supercake 53
4. Radio Controlled
5. The Fact
6. Worth It Pt 1
7. Worth It Pt 2
8. Mystery Meat Affair
9. Shottieville
10. Filterjerks
11. Seas Of Grease (Zshare) (Mediafire)
12. Stand By
13. Forza
14. Bass Kaput

Before ya get mad that I only shared one track, heres Zombie Nations latest remix for none other than ghetto sweat heart Kid Sister... this one is fire!

Kid Sister - Get Fresh (Zombie Nation remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)


Lotta good things goin on here... we actually starting to look like a real blog, I mean two new fatbois on the team and Jordan taking time off editing gag reels to actually post something... lotta good things... Another one of them is that we got a good response to our latest mixtape, car chases to drive-bys... and some peeps asking us to share the edits we featured in that mix... thanks ya'll, 'ere ya go.

Rochelle - Chin Up (Andy George Dub - ShuffleShame Refix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning (Alex Metric Remix - ShuffleShame Refix v2) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix - ShuffleShame edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix - ShuffleShame edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)


We have a lil in joke, bout "up in this bitch"... i think it started from this C&H strip... cant remember... anyways... I did a lil meaner edit of a team effort remix of Designer Drugs' track, back up in this... Bitch. enjoy

Designer Drugs - Back up in this (Le Castle Vania and friends remix - NBK edit) (MediaFire)


Casioheart's pretty little mix

Mixtapes are what blogs are for in my opinion, they show cause DJ's talents, new tracks, edits and there set lists. We in SA do not have nearly enough local Muso's and DJ's creating mixes, so when a local makes one, I'm the first person to download it and have a listen... so when my old friend Chris "Casioheart" (A local DJ at the Redroom and many a random huge party) has had a little free time on his hands, he put this lovely little mix together for me, its dark and poppy and wonderful ( Even though it's not exactly what I prefer listening to at the moment, I still fucken enjoyed every minute of it) It's a great mix to play at a chilled party or in your car...

Fatchineseboi presents:

01 Grauzone - Kunstgewerbe
02 These New Puritans - TL3
03 Dave Gahan - Deeper and Deeper
04 Bipolar Badwise - Sarifice
05 Mount Sims - Escape Hatch
06 LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
07 Zeigeist - Tar Heart
08 IAMX - Sailor
09 Union Of Knives - Evil Has Never
10 Heartbreak - Regret
11 Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Datassette Version)
12 Van She - Sex City
13 Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl
14 Primal Scream & Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning
15 Daggers - Money (Modernaire Remix)
16 White Rose Movement - Alsation (Phones Gone To The Dogs Remix)
17 Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (GRUM's New Wave Remix)
18 Junkie XL - Cities In Dust (Siouxsie and the Banshees Cover)
19 The Presets - Kicking And Screaming
20 Annie - Two Of Hearts (Stacey Q Cover)
21 Outrun - When The Light Goes Down
22 ADULT. - Don't You Stop
23 Destructo - Touch The Sky
24 Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Tronik Youth Shred-It)

Here are other local Mix's from other great local DJ's (including us ShuffleShame)

If you're a local DJ and would like us to post one of your mixes please don't hesitate to give us a shout at either barrynubuck@gmail.com or jordanglowboi@gmail.com

So I’ve been away for a couple of weeks...

...and it is sure as hell is hard leaving all the work to someone else. Even though I trust that person, Barry, emphatically I feel really guilty. I kind of left him without backup for a while, well actually the last couple of weeks. For those of you who don’t know, I work in film industry and am currently working on a local drama series (3 months out and about around Jozi). Which as usual means more times than one that there is more drama behind the camera than in front of it. Over worked and under paid, the stable diet of any creative in South Africa. Has left me rather knacked over the last couple of weeks, meaning the delay in our latest mix and a couple of other things that have been on the To-Do-List for “Fatchineseboi”. Nonetheless we have rather big plans for our little Blog in the coming year. We already have our two new Fatboi's Belushi and Lapse and I hear little whispers of big things to come in June…But seeing that this here is a Blog about musik here are some photos from the last couple of weeks and some tracks that were running around in my head during the events…

Here are some fun little photos from set, I'll let the pictures do the talking, cause I'm too tired to think of anything to say really..

While on set you tend to play the movie industries favorite game...sit and wait...while you sit and wait you tend to over think, which in my books is a complete no no..over thinking leads to you being a stupid idiot most of the time. So instead I turn on my trusty iPod and listen to music....Thanks to Chrisy for all the new shit :)

Filthy Dukes - Nonsense in The Dark

Yay Filthy Dukes released their album entitled "Nonsense in the Dark"...Sadly there only half of the album is good but here are my two favorite tracks just for you guys

Röyksopp - Junior

Röyksopp are back with their delicious new album "Junior" here's my favorite track off the album, which I'm strangely enough enjoying rather alot.

Little Boots

Who does not love Blackpool’s darling Victoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots (You know former lead singer of Dead Disco, yes that Dead Disco). Not only does she have an amazing voice and talent...But my god is she super hot...

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns

This very talented young lady has just released her second album and is currently stuck on repeat on certain friends of mines iTunes for the last couple of days... But I really do like the album...

La Roux

This Kooky wannabe French bitch is cool! Yay!

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I've fallen in love with Phoenix's little debut and  I think that you should too


"Breaking News: Godzilla Shits All Over Afrika Bambaataa!!!"

According to one eye-witness/fisherman who had this to report "They clashed after Bambaataa got lost in an attempt to finally locate the mythical "Zulu Nation" landmass, he seemed to awake Godzilla entirely by accident. They struggled for a short while, but after a few minutes Bambaataa seemed exhausted and was reaching for his asthma inhaler, when Godzilla seemed to have had enough and took a massive steamer on Bambaataa's hunched over body. It was a shocking and brutal image, but I'm glad Gojira defended our island and nations pride valiantly".

This will send planet rocking shock waves through the 5 burroughs this evening as the dire news is slowly digested, and candlelight vigils will be held by Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash. 
When interviewed, Biz Markie seemed unfased by the event and stated "I'm not fased he'll rise again to continue his search for the promised land, probably within the next 48 hours. A similar event happened when I battled the Beastie Boys a couple years ago, and they were resurrected once i defeated them and their giant robot. ".

We have a soundclip recorded from the event for download below:

(320kbps MediaFire)