Danny DeVito gave me Shivers!

I've just wrapped up another game of Lazer Tag with my main man Danny DeVito (it's how we keep in such great shape) and that little dude can really move (like Willow in a bath of cocaine) and he's a real bitch to tag too (like Willow in a bath of cocaine).

While we were freshening up in the change rooms from our workout he shared with me a new track that only a celeb like him could cop, and it's sick.

So now I share it with you lot. 
Enjoy, and if you in Pretoria this weekend go catch Danny DeVito spinning on the wheels of steel in News Cafe Brooklyn.

That reminds me, that dude is so short when the guide light pops up on the 1200's it blinds him, I never tire of that sweet prank.

Danny you the man, thanks for the hot tip.

KrisP - Shivers (320Kbps MediaFire)


  1. Yup still not posting what i said i would my bad.