Whos a Belushi?

Did ya'll ever grow up rooting for the bad guy in cartoons? Or even just the underdog? I sure as hell did. Dam... ya know rooting for the Skeletors, Cobra Commanders, Shredders and Team Rockets of this world... I digress and regrettably giving away my age.

See in our small and (sometimes seemingly) struggling scene here in Jozi, there are always the same old tired regulars playing out... but every so often theres a stand out amongst them, way ahead in selection and skills... bringing something fresh and new to the floor... but is sadly marked the underdog and you bearly see nor hear of him again.

Then by some lucky chance you hear from them again... new name, new city, new look, and always, fresh new sounds. Im talkin about Belushi ya'll!
Not this Belushi...

Or even this Belushi...

But the Belushi that brings the Noise with the best of em... This Belushi...

Belushi gave us a shout earlier this week... and he hooked us up a tight lil mix he did... its fresh and neatly mixed out. Word is Belushi comes from the days of Addidas gazelles, fat laces, 2 turntables and vinyl... dudes paid his dues and the experience shows. Peep his mix ya'll, sounds like this are bound to start riots in your living room.

Belushi Presents: Belushi's Quickmix 2 (mediafire)


1. Speaker Junk – Someone I Dub (Hervé Remix)
2. Colin Hobbs – Coming Up (Riva Starr Remix)
3. Adam Freeland - Under Control (Miles Dyson Remix)
4. Keatch - Call It Love Ft. Geht's Noch (Congorock Remix)
5. Riva Starr – WTF (Claude Von Stroke Remix) ???
6. NemÉro# - Star Model (Don Rimini Remix)
7. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong - Original Mix
8. Brodinski - Oblivion (Noob Remix)
9. Fort Know Five - The Wonder Strikes Again (Malente remix)
10. Jack Beats - What (Foamo Re-Edit)
11. The Juan Maclean - One Day - Surkin Remix
12. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9 (Techjio Remix)
13. King Tutt – THE FUTURE
14. Rico Tubbs - Hip Rave Anthem - Original Mix
15. AC Slater - BanGer (Drop The Lime Remix)
16. WildChild - Renegade Master (Original Mix)

Belushi aint just got the musical skills, dude writes poetry too over at the Headphonejunkie blog... check it out

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