It's Kinda Old News But Hey...

I've been away (and it's been so long and tiring...) and I struggle to find internet... Bunched between a Krugersdorp brothel masquerading as a hotel and macky Muldersdrift hospital that has seen far better days before we happened to come across it's path...Man cockroaches in a Hospital is so wrong...

But Anyway Bloc Party are releasing a new version of Intimacy (YAY or Boo, for however you felt about the Party's last musical outing, for me it was a YAY!) Any way the new version is of course all over the Internet's, no surprise there really. The album is remixed Album which is remixed by some super hot Masters and some very not so much talented idiots... So here you go! Here's the track listing and two of the remixes I actually like...

1. Ares -Villains Remix
2. Mercury - Hervé Is In Disarray Remix
3. Halo - We Have Band Dub Remix
4. Biko - Mogwai Remix
5. Trojan Horse - John B Remix
6. Signs - Armand Van Helden Remix (zshare)
7. One Month Off - Filthy Dukes Remix (zshare)
8. Zephyrus - Phase One Remix
9. Talons - Phones RIP Remix
10. Better Than Heaven - No Age Remix
11. Ion Square - Banjo or Freakout Remix
12. Letter To My Son - Gold Panda Remix
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter - Double D Remix

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