Zombies, Zombies Everywhere But Not a Brain to Eat.

 In the future all music, movies, artists and literature will have  something to do with Zombies  according to current  popular trends.  But as long as it's as good as it has been in the last  couple years  bring on the apocalypse,
 I'm proud to be a zombie biscuit.

Zombie Disco Squad are two young Djs from London (I heard 1 of them was born in Durban but moved to the U.K. as a wee babe, but can't reveal my source as it would appear as shameless name dropping), they are approaching the scene from such an acute angle, their music seems to cross various genre boundaries liberally and without passport every season. I guess it's house based rhythm that is stripped bare, fed with meaty miami bass while peppered with lashings of Baille Breaks and Tribal drums and vocals.


Their music has always kept me interested, I'm always keen to hear in which direction they have taken with every new song or remix of theirs I uncover. They have probably had the most staple track I've ever held onto in my sets (in an age where music isn't pasteurized and the interest expires before tracks are released), their remix of Kids On Vacation. That first break forever thrills me, and they show house music in it's true light since "House" has been a dirty word for so long. If I owned the "Kid's On Vacation" single on vinyl, it'd be ratty, warped and it'd hiss at you like an angry cobra every time the needle dropped.

We might someday see them on our shore's since their padre' Mowgli was here earlier this year, and would gladly

let them nosh my brain for evening.

This is some personal info from their agency's website:

"Zombies say YES: claude vonstroke, trumpets, tomtoms, baile funk, vans shoes, penfield, coffee, brazil, man recordings, tartlet recordings, dan m, berlin, london, house music, people that say please, jack daniels, vodka, sanpellegrino, bot, phra and the rest of the italian new wave, get rude, dj funk, lil wayne, frankie knuckles, african rhythms, brie & stilton, stickers, free clothes, partyharders, booty call.


Zombies say NO: new rave, breaks, blog house, dreadlocks, slow computers, bad mp3s, crap promos, writers block, rollerblades, mens cycling shorts, sandals, rain, bad design, bandwagon jumpers (suddenly like disco?), ryan air, nazis, cheeky promoters, skins, cheapskates." 

And on some other unrelated Zombie news, try watch a 4 part 1 hour show called "Dead Set", to learn what would happen if Zombie Apocalypse broke out during an eviction night on Big Brother. 

Simply genius. 

When Saints Go Machine - Kids On Vacation (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

(320Kbps MediaFire)

Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance

(320 Kbps MediaFire)

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