"Breaking News: Godzilla Shits All Over Afrika Bambaataa!!!"

According to one eye-witness/fisherman who had this to report "They clashed after Bambaataa got lost in an attempt to finally locate the mythical "Zulu Nation" landmass, he seemed to awake Godzilla entirely by accident. They struggled for a short while, but after a few minutes Bambaataa seemed exhausted and was reaching for his asthma inhaler, when Godzilla seemed to have had enough and took a massive steamer on Bambaataa's hunched over body. It was a shocking and brutal image, but I'm glad Gojira defended our island and nations pride valiantly".

This will send planet rocking shock waves through the 5 burroughs this evening as the dire news is slowly digested, and candlelight vigils will be held by Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash. 
When interviewed, Biz Markie seemed unfased by the event and stated "I'm not fased he'll rise again to continue his search for the promised land, probably within the next 48 hours. A similar event happened when I battled the Beastie Boys a couple years ago, and they were resurrected once i defeated them and their giant robot. ".

We have a soundclip recorded from the event for download below:

(320kbps MediaFire)

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