Zombielicious is the new Bootylicious

Dam, can ya'll believe we this far in the year already? What feels like eons ago we posted about all the musical genuis we were looking forward to this year... only thing is we didnt really follow through with letting ya'll know about things as they were released... all excuses aside, not one single release mentioned in that post was disappointing... and one release that has been in heavy playlist rotation is Zombie Nation's Zombielicious.
Its so dam tight... its like the Homework album of 2009. Im not even kidding. His organic acid electro creation is nothing short of a masterpiece... but ya'll shouldnt take my word for it... Instead listen to my most favourite track off of it.

Zombie Nation - Zombielicious
1. Mas De Todo
2. Get It
3. Supercake 53
4. Radio Controlled
5. The Fact
6. Worth It Pt 1
7. Worth It Pt 2
8. Mystery Meat Affair
9. Shottieville
10. Filterjerks
11. Seas Of Grease (Zshare) (Mediafire)
12. Stand By
13. Forza
14. Bass Kaput

Before ya get mad that I only shared one track, heres Zombie Nations latest remix for none other than ghetto sweat heart Kid Sister... this one is fire!

Kid Sister - Get Fresh (Zombie Nation remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

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