WHooo Nowww

Do you remember that day your Dad walked into your room, yes that good old trusty day. When you were playing with your favorite toy, be it a barbie or a my little pon.....ninja turtle or transformer. When he said those famous words "We need to talk" You looked up and got a little nervous, but he patted you on the back and said theres nothing wrong (thank God, cause I had just broken his bottle of Jack with my pon...turtle). Instead he says "Mommy and Daddy have some good news, our little family is about to get a little bigger" You smile and get excited and tell him how excited you are to be getting a sibling..but he walks you outside and shows you a fucken minture yorkshire terrier..fuck i hate those dogs...their nature's favorite joke actually...

Anyway its not that day for us (Thank God, not again). Instead today the loving Fatchineseparents (Me and Barry) are proud to welcome two sweet little ginger boys onto the blog to slap some sweet musical justice upon your asses...But ok there not gingers, but we can dream OK...Today we welcome the talents of Belushi and Lapse. Forming our so-called Cape Town crew of sorts. These two very talented individuals who rave all night and blog all day, are our new two favorite people in the whole wide South Africa. together they drop some massive beats that make us rather happy...I felt it was very important to welcome these boi's myself so I have runn off set and now camped outside of the rock and roll MacDonald's in Sandton, with a rented laptop, rocking the wireless. And are praying that they don't find me...

...In honour of two new fatboi's I dedicate this amazing track by N.A.S.A featuring the one and only Kanye West, the super styling Santogold and the super hot Lykke Li!

N.A.S.A - Gifted (feat. Kayne West, Santogold and Lykke Li)


  1. oh wow the Jordan posts... finally.

    Word up, welcome to the fat kids team guys... we stoked to have ya aboard.

  2. Thnks fr th wlcm gys, thght 'd pst mstrkrft spk.