More Loose Change

Ive told ya'll the story about loose change yeah... nothings really changed (shite pun i know)... i still keep all loose tracks in one folder and Jordan still abuses me for it...

Regardless ya'll be relieved coz now ya'll can afford to get loosely intoxicated from what im about to share...

If memory serves me correctly, I've never mentioned my fascination for all things Russian... Their technology, architecture and cuture fascinate me to no end... its like Russia is a different planet all together... i mean like the Zentraedi to our Macross... So when i first got hold of Russias Riot Music rising star, Proxy's first Ep Decoy... i was entriged by his other worldly take on dance music. It wasnt long until he was everywhere, remixing everybody and signed to Turbo and Boysnoize records. Last year he dropped arguably the hugest anthem of the year entitled "Raven".
Now hes on remix duty for Turbo records boss Tiga... this ones a real monster... you'll probably need to put it in a salt soaked cage.

Tiga - What you need (Proxy Remix - Radio Edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Whats the answer to this posts Russianism? I guess it would be Austin, Texas... and my favourite Texan would have to be Bird Peterson. Ive been into this dudes work for a while now... I split our ShuffleShame mix with his monsterous track "The Essence"... and his remix of Project Pat is so hyphy Jordan cries when i play it... awesome.
He's recently been added to undocumented managements roster and effectively been commissioned to remix for the best. Dont believe me? peep this

MSTRKRFT feat. Lil Mo - It Ain't Love (Bird Peterson Remix - Short edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

(peep this track in its fullness of his myspace)

Bonus Beats:

Bird Peterson - Pete Goes Off (Zshare) (Mediafire)
Designer Drugs - Zombie! (Bird Peterson Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

Now im thinking... This post covers artists we aint featured before... so why stop now? And better yet, since im posting about Bird Peterson, why not post some stuff i like that really gets Jordan wound up, since he aint round 'ere often.

Lets start with a Crookers track... that'll just about drive him to murder. Now see there are times where i quite like Crookers work... eventhough its almost a taboo... But ill break that taboo with this next remix they did for MixHell... who happens to be Sepaltura's drummer. Dont get much more legit that right? haha. ok.

Mixhell feat. Oh Snap! - Boom Da (crookers Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

The track above reminds me alot of this one below

Hugo Moya - Move (real techno ya'll!!) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

One last Artist I really must introduce ya'll to is His Majesty Andre. He's from Italy, ya know the place where Pizza and Bloody Beetroot comes from. Hes got this huge track that im really feelin... some call it loop house... i dunno what you call it, but i do know that peeps like Mstrkrft and Atrak play it out nightly...

His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Zshare) (Mediafire)

if ya've been payin attention theres another great track of his in our new ShuffleShame mix...

Thats bout all the loose change i can spare today... dont spend it all at once now...

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