Evil Two Thousand and Nine

Last year saw a quite a few album releases from our favourite artists... Some definately hit and miss, some arguably very miss and some completely amazing. I'll save you the in depth analysis... Hardly any were anywhere near as brilliant as Evil Nine's spectacular "They Live!". Probably the least known release of 2k8 around here outta the lot, but in my opinion the most relevant, especially for forging a path of progression in 2k9 and beyond. You see Kids there is a very fine line experimental artists walk. A line between shear ground breaking brilliance and utterly miserably failure. Evil Nine takes a giant stride safely onto the side of ground breaking brilliance. Two modest lads, Tom and Pat, hailing from the UK's Brighton are the evil geniuses behind this sound. Their album "They Live!" features an interesting blend of artists from a sprall of different genres. Artists like Electro hero AutoKratz, underground rap legends El-P and Beans to thrash pin up Emily Breeze... Even the dancehall ragga rebel Toastie Taylor and many more.

By impregnating tired old memes like vintage horror and zombies with their envigorating amalgamation of powerful electro, rap and punk... An undead monster of truly genre barrier destroying power is born. Hopefully this is a glimpse of things to come in 2k9 and beyond, I for one am truly relieved that future of music is safe... in an awkard undead flesh eating kind of way. What we have for you here are two absolute pearlers from the album demostrating their diversity under one infecious style. The first track here sounds like it could be the undead corpse of DFA1979, re-animated by Danzig of the Misfits... yet completely unique in its own right. The second track here is slightly gentler (as if!)...

Evil Nine feat. Emily Breeze - Twist The Knife

Evil Nine feat. David Autokratz - Wait

Then there was this single, crooked, featuring underground rapper Aesop Rock. Heres the video... Turn it up and love it.

And if you thought that was it, you are sadly mistaken... Because of course there are the remixes! oh yes! This one is from the amazing Alex Metric, which is of their track All the cash feat. El-P. This track was featured in our ShuffleShame mix a while ago and it is just unbelievable! The next one here, is of the vocoded Anthem and flag track of the album, They Live! This time the remix is by the fiendishly talented rising star Felix Cartal. This remix is so good I literally listen to it everyday. I plan on doing a whole write up on Felix, so keep an eye out for that!

Evil Nine feat EL P - All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix)

Evil Nine - They Live! (Felix Cartal Remix)

If all this isn't convincing enough that Evil Nine is more than a short lived gimmick... Bare in mind their first Ep dropped in 2000 followed by their first album "You Can Be Special Too" in 2004. Just pop their name into google to see how much acclaim these humble guys are gathering. If you needed very little convincing click on over to
Amazon to buy this Album or over to Beatport to snag the remixes and their earlier work. Its brilliant. Trust me on this!



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