Bloody Little Rumors?

So it's Friday...Time for the weekend Thank God...And I've had my ear to the ground to find some sort of alternative to going to bed early after watching Supernatural season 3, but alas everyone is still on holiday, so there will be none of that there partying...But while on my journey of weekend discovery I landed upon quite an exciting rumor! YES KIDS A RUMOR YAY! Apparently two local Cape Town Clubs have somehow snagged, those two wrestling masked manics for Italy called The Bloody Beetroots. Even better is that they play at these Clubs this March, and may even make an appearance in Jozi. SAY WHAT INTERNATIONAL DJ's PLAYING IN SA...OH MY FUCK SOMEONE TELL ME IT'S TRUE! But until we know if this is true or not (I will keep you posted) Here's two Beetroots tracks 

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  1. thought i killed this bloody rumour on monday boi... didn't ya get the update?