Lily Allen?

Here at Fatchineseboi we are huge fans of profanity and such, so when a loud brass chav girl form England is all of the above we automatically fall in love with her. Lily Allen is great...she's  a whiney, cussing, spitting and most of all bitchy babe...Love HEARTS. I personally love the fact that she hates just about everything commercial and all the new stars like Kate Perry (Someone please shoot that useless Bitch) and whoever seemed to piss her off this week, when she herself personifies commercialism and pop. None the less she has just released her second album and the first, second, third who knows really track "Fear" of the album is now hitting the airwaves...And to be 100% honest I rather like this song and its lyrics really struck a cord with me...which is strange to why was I listening to the radio?...as usual the production value of the song is huge, but who's surprised about that? Barry happened to send me The Count of Monte Cristal Remix, which by the way has very little too do with the the song its just another shameless banger...but hey lets put it up anyway! So here we go kids some Lily Allen and LilyRave?

On a side note of Lily Allen, my friend Leigh happened to send me a picture of herself in a corn field? (Yes I have strange conversations with my friends, this one revolved around corn...ok?) When looking back, this photo actually reminded me of Lily Allen, this is the kind of photo that she would take if she wasn't out harassing other superstars shamelessly (I do love it when she insults others). Shame doesn't Leigh Allen look confused :( Mind you that might be her cool face...I don't know really, cool faces and confused faces all look very similar if you ask me? Thats why JFK always looks like you asked him if there was a god...aweeee well. We will soon be doing all our post's with star impersonations by our friends....ps friends beware or excited...

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