I heart MTKIDU...two times even

Whats more South African than two White Dudes and a Chinese Chic? MTKIDU thats what!

MTKIDU like Sweat X, Gazelle and PlayDoe are part of the Great Voertrekker movement towards Electro...But what makes MTKIDU different to the for mentioned bands is the dark gritty electronic grinding goodness of their rather special sound. Their sound is complemented by the sharp lyrics and outstanding vocals of their lead vocalist Kleinbaas. But for everything MTKIDU brings in their brilliant musical performance it is doubled by their beautiful mastery of the visual aesthetic provided by the lovely lady Chinxx, as she whiles on her laptop creating some of the most beautiful visuals I have yet have seen accompanying a local band. 

MTKIDU is made up of three very talented individuals all going by their own strange and lovely nicknames. The Mad Musical Monster Murray Turpin aka M18J92T, who destroys the world with anything that he can make an Electronic sound out of. The Notoriously Naughty Nick Nesbitt aka Kidu, who sprouts diabolically original lyrics and vocals which run through you head all day long. And Finally the Hallucinogenic Hottie Haley Junkin aka Chinxx, with her inspirational visuals. The trio have been monstering Jozi and the Cape for a few years now and its just about time for their album too come out. If you have not had the pleasure of viewing MTKIDU on stage yet all I can say is sorri for you...they are amazing. Be it in the craziness of 88's or the dark corner of The Bo MTKIDU have a way taking things to the next level, where ever you watch them you will be horribly impressed and rather pleased with yourself for finding this experience. MTKIDU is a unique and dark little treat for those who fall into their embrace...with tracks like "Tokoloshi Two Step" stealing you away and giving you chills down your spine and a wicked little grin on your face. I really really love MTIKIDU they are another one of those huge postive steps forward for music in South Africa. Next time you see their name on a Flyer GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR and make a plan too watch them...

But until you can catch them Live here! Heres some tasters of their goodness:

MTKIDU's home pages:

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