I was just thinking... Dam this is a Jozi blog, and there are people out there that just dont know... Ya know? probably not. Ya'll probably thinking whats this jerk on about... well boys n girls, I have a lot to share with you but its gonna take some time... so baby steps right?

MSTRKRFT. I just made that a sentence and fuck it should be. I doubt these guys need any introduction right? And being the fan i am of them, I could ramble on for hours about em... but I won't since pictures are worth a thousand words... and videos are thousands of pictures, right? if ya do the math, thats a lot of words... so I'll let these insane videos do the talking!

Second track is new and a mystery... any clue as to who and what it is?

Jesse's up coming solo single "Baby Techno" on Institubes record label being played here. yes. OMG WTF. Techno! Its been here all along and you most probably have been listening to it all along too... what? ya didnt know Hot Chip is a techno band? shameless! oh yeah second track is sick!

New MSTRKRFT track called ClickClick featuring E40 off their upcoming album... Fist of God!

Le VUVUVU! and again some mystery track afterwards

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