Justice tours Springfield PICS!!

Right. That got your attention I'm sure, since I'm sure you and every other scenester on this space rock is feening for something New-and-Justicey... something you can hold over your Alt herd as being the first to have, hear etc... well... thats not going to happen really now is it, coz the fact of the matter is, that as genius as these frenchies are... they are really slow at making music.

Not so good for the "ahead of the heard" Alt... but good for us "quality over quantity" Alts.

Any how what hasnt been written about Justice already? I mean how many times can you beat the same dead pony with a stick and it still be mildy amusing? Well if Justice (that pronounce Jus-Tees btw) are involved alot more than Nintendo i assure you.

Now, aside from aquainting you with the most authentic interweb memes (more on this later), and without dicressing further... let me introduce you to the reason the next Justice album, single, ep etc is not going to be in your feening mits anytime soon in 2k9.1... Justice produce tracks for other people...yes they do and one that caught my attention for more than the usual 30 seconds if one called "Parachute ending" and its for a mob called Birdy Nam Nam... I think thats the best name ever... not just coz im the biggest Peter Sellers fan... ok it is.
Set your clicker on Birdy Nam Nams Myspaz now, um and Justeeses too if they not already in your top friends list.


  1. Uh... heres a lil bonus for the real feens that check comments for any other juicy bits...

    A lil while ago Justice did that Planisphere track of epicness for that Dior Homme Summer 2009 Fashion thing... well heres an above average remix of it by a chap aptly named um Religion. nice.

    here ya go.