Osawa's Girl Next Door?

So you Hipsters don't know who Shinichi Osawa is? Damn where do you all live??? Osawa is only the Biggest Alt hipster Producer in all of Japan....he even helped Produce the album of the biggest acts of last two years "Boyz Noize"....with the release of his own amazing album "The One" last year Osawa cemented his name with the big bois of Alt Dance...He has just released a new remix of "Girl Next Door" one of the many mindless acts of Jpop (Japanese Popular Pop Music). The track is super catchy and definite head bopper even if you dont know what the hell she's saying... "Girl Next Door" is seen to be one of the biggest live acts in Japan and with remix hitting the dancefloor in most of LA and Paris they will soon be shining stars...even if no one but Otaku's know what the hell the lead signer is singing about? 

Girl Next Door - Jounetsu No Daishou (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Plus you don't believe the Osawa's all that and a bag of chips? Here he is with none other than Au Revoir Simone....say what!!!


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