Weird Wednesday

Todays weirdness, was going to be about a track... but instead its gonna be about the resulting weirdness of when a republican's human disguise malfunctions and fails to hold back all those lizardy instincts... just kidding. kinda.

Todays track lands on the side of wierd, complete with sounds that you'd imagine said republican to be making in the pic above... and has even weirder roots.
French producer, Joachim Garraud, had an weird concept for his latest album, Invasion: A customizable album. 69 tracks are available as part of the complete (incomplete) album. One of the tracks included was his 1992 hit Moi Y'aime Bien Môa. - MSTRKRFT's JFK and St. Mandrew had a go at it... enjoi.

Joachim Garraud - Moi Y'aime Bien Moa (JFK+ST MANDREW EDIT)

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