Spoek brings the Noize!

This is a Massive Monday guys! I'm not even kidding! Our homeboy
Spoek, of Sweat.X and Playdoe, hailing from that Caped City, has an EP, with one of Frances hottest producers right now, out on BoysNoize Records TODAY!!

This momumental EP is a collab with
Djedjotronic (10 points if you can pronounce that) and is called Dirty & Hard.
Now We've already introduced ya'll to our favouritest MC, Spoek in our Down the line in 2k9 post... tho I'm sure he needs no introduction. We have yet to cover the unpronounceable talent of Djedjotronic here on fatchineseboi... and what better time than the present. He hails from Paris, France and at only 23 years young, has released his Debut EP "Turn Off" on Level75 records in 2007 and a string of high profile official remixes for the likes of Busy P, Unkle, DSL, Das Pop and Birdy Nam Nam. He's gathered crowd surf support and playlist prime time from the likes of Justice, Mr Oizo, Busy P and O.Huntemann. What else need be said about this firey producer guy? I really like his work, its a vivid compressed buffet of styles ranging from groove driven techno, grinded electro and industrial strength Hip-Hop... increadibly unique and original.

Now, with a testimonial like that its not wonder this EP is just amazing. Two very talented individuals a continent apart, uniting to bring ya'll one of the most exciting releases to date. Heres the tracklisting!

01. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Original Mix)
02. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Boys Noize's Jump If You're An Idiot Mix)
03. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Horror Klub (Original Mix)
04. Djedjotronic - Gum Attack (Original Mix)
05. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Congorock Remix)

We have for you here a little teaser of the EP.

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard EP Teaser

Before ya'll think I'm being a stingy sod, heres a freebie remix off of the full EP. This time by one of our fav Italiano producers Congorock! He was dubbed "the bassline king" by the bloody beetroots and lives up to this title right here!

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Congorock Remix)

Thats not all! Coz I have for you one tough electo remix, by Djedjotronic's label mate Keatch. Sadly this remix didnt quite make it on to the EP, but is banging still!

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Keatch Remix)

I went and copped this EP from Beatport this morning already... It's so blazin hot I can't bring myself to take it off repeat... Especially the track Horror Klub... It's groove is so insane!

So be ahead of the herd, go cop this fire by clicking on over to these fine stores... right now!
Juno (Vinyl)

If ya got the fever and can't get enough of hometribe champ Spoek, head on down to his Myspaz or his super dope Blog to show him some well earned love!

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