Weird Wednesday

The thing about a regular slot is that it has to be regular. Jordan came up with a good one, I think, because there is undoubtedly an infinite abundance of terrible tracks to fuel his Terrible Tuesday posts. I, on the other hand, was probably more ambitious in starting Weird track Wednesday, since, well because it's gotta be weird but in no way terrible... how many weird but good tracks could there possibly be? Well... I'm sure we'll find out.

Today, isn't technically a "track" but if you know anything about Girl Talk, then it might as well be. This here serving of Weird Wednesday is a mad, monstrous mini mix from non other than dance floor deity Fake Blood.
What is there to be said about Fake Blood that hasn't already? For blog decades people speculated about the identity of the mysterious producer dropping massive remixes and easily one of the biggest tracks of 2k8, namely Mars.
Well we all, might, know that Fake Blood is in fact Theo Keating AKA Touche, the man behind Black Ghosts. A little known fact is that at a Justice concert last year, more people were wearing Fake Blood shirts than they were Justice shirts.
If you think that's weird, then you should have a listen to his Mini Mix he did for the Annie Mac mini mix show on BBC Radio 1 last year.
Its astonishing... in fact I don't think there really is a word to accurately describe it... so ya just gonna have to take a listen.

Fake Blood - BBC Radio 1 MiniMix

5 minutes of absolute mad genius. If you, like me, could barely keep up... there's the play list.

  1. Silver Apples “Seagreen Serenade”
  2. (Dialogue from the film “Tron”)
  3. DJ Prince Ice “Freestyle”
  4. RD Burman “Aa Dekhen Jara”
  5. Jeff Wayne “The Eve Of The War”
  6. Jonzun Crew “Space Is The Place”
  7. Dusty Kid “The Riot”
  8. Goblin “Suspiria”
  9. Bumps “Biotic Discussion”
  10. Portishead “Silence”
  11. Snax feat. Jamie Lidell “The Honeymoon’s Over”
  12. Golden Orchestra And Chorus “Hydrogen And Helium”
  13. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown “Fire”
  14. KC Flightt “Planet E”
  15. Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy “Puck”
  16. Bat For Lashes “Horse And I”
  17. Gaz “Sing Sing”
  18. Big 200 “Approach And Pass With Contact”
  19. Pharrell “Frontin”
  20. Micronauts “High Rise”
  21. Michel Rubini “Graham’s Theme”
  22. Boy 8-Bit “Manhunter”
  23. Vitalic “Valetta Fanfares”
  24. Paul Johnson “Get Down”
  25. Bad Brains “Don’t Need It”
  26. The Flying Lizards “Money”
  27. Human Bite Box “Avalon”
  28. The Monks “We Do Wie Du”
  29. Sticky “Triplets”
  30. Liam Lynch “United States Of Whatever”
  31. Sly And The Family Stone “Dance To The Music”
  32. Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer”
  33. Busta Rhymes “Gimme Some More - Fake blood super edit”
  34. Chemical Brothers “Problem / Question”
  35. Lyn Collins “Think”
  36. Par-T-One “I’m So Crazy”
  37. Jonathan Newton “Nancy Tries To Leave”
  38. (Dialogue from the film “Tron”)

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  1. Even weirder is that, the pic of silver surfer is in fact fake blood!!!