From small time racket to big time Cartal.

Felix Cartal. What a cool name and ironically his story so closely resembles any one of your favouritest mafia films its almost uncanny. Ya'll know how it goes, talented small time hustler gets noticed by the "Family's" high ups, next thing ya know he's welcomed into the "Family" and quickly works his way up the ranks...

Felix's story is just that. Small time talented producer racketeers some really good tracks... these tracks reach the ears of
JFK, part of the undocumented family, MSTRKRFT division. JFK champions his tracks... Felix is welcomed into the undocumented family... Felix works really hard to craft some of the finest mind erasing dance floor weapons in the last blog decade. Not only that he tours extensively playing along side heavy hitters MSTRKRFT, LA Riots, Bloody Beetroots, Lazaro Casanova and Steve Aoki to name but a few.

That's where the analogy and play on his name ends, because there are no tragic endings here. Whats next for Felix Cartal? Not only has he captured our hearts and playlists here at FatChineseBoi but the world over. In between dropping hot tracks, touring the world and finishing College... Felix is also an active member on
MSTRKRFT's forum, which he has now taken one step further by launching FelixCartal.com. His nobel aim with his site is to share his knowledge and experience with other small time up n coming hustlers... err producers, as well as keep eager fans upto date on all things Felix.

Im really into the concept... like my favourite videos at the moment (yes even over top gear) are Future Music magazine's "
in the studio" series. Felix takes this a step further and offers his own time to this cause.

I learned that his
studio setup is remarkably humble and low end, yet his sound is so hugely pro its almost unbelievable. I guess proving, its not the tools that make a great carpenter.

More interestingly Felix is ready to drop a brand new
EP in about 5 weeks or so, Entitled Skeleton. Heres the tracklist:
A1. Skeleton
A2. Salty Lake
B1. Montreal Dreams
B2. Redheads

To celebrate the Launch of Felix's
site and the prospect of his upcoming EP, here's a holster full of Mr. Cartal's tracks featuring my favourite remix of Evil Nine...

Felix Cartal - Skeleton

From Monument To Masses - Beyond God To Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix)

Evil Nine - They live (Felix Cartal Remix) (so good)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Felix Cartal Remix)

If you like Mafia films or what you hear, head on over to Felix's
site, Myspace,
Facebook or forum to show him some love.
You can also hustle yourselves more of his work over at
beatport, and also see what he's digging.

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