The Music that Molested Me in 2k8!

So now I'm a bloggerfagboi too,(Thanx Sandra, Kisses) So I thought that if a blog is about expressing yourself and generally misleading the internet community about who you really are. Then I might as well confuse the people who know me right off the bat...with a strange take on the musik I fell in love with in 2k8

2k8 was a great year for electronic musik lovers far and wide. With the likes of Presets second Album "Apocalypso" and Black Ghosts with there debut self entitled album, popping to the front of my mind
, both of which changing my own opinion, in which way musik would be moving in...both stole me away and stuck me in my own personal head drama, for about 2 weeks....We also had some Local talent in the electro scene,in the form of Cutout Collective, my boi's Tim and Jay, with the shining release of their first Ep entitled "Eponymous". With hammering singles such as "8-Bit Logic" and "Kid", the six track Ep broke all my presuppositions of what these two,very talented, young musicians could bring to the plate. The Ep has yet to released in record stores, but will soon be available, also look out for their musik vid out on MTV Base...

Not to say that Post - Punk and general loud Post - Rock took a backseat in 2k8, with TV on a Radio's and Wolf Parade's new albums raping my ipod for a good while....mostly due to the fact that somethings change and some other things never change...Another great album which really grasped me by the ball's this year was Van She's debut "V", what an amazing album with track's like "Cat And The Eye" and "Strangers". Also in 2k8 my Favorite band of all time Bloc Party released their third studio album "Intimacy". Which was met with mixed reviews and criticism...I found the album brillant, which I always will. But I can easily see why it got such criticism, unlike most bands content in the way the sound, Bloc Party is trying to find a new sound and feel for the years too come...we were spoiled with "Weekend In The City" and felt that "Intimacy" too would herald Jesus him-self's second coming, but it was not to be the same, instead we got Buda's second coming. With a new crass sound that reward you for closer listening and a chance to here the Bloc Party of tomorrow... 

The "big" change in my musikal taste in 2k8, was differently the recent rediscovering of Dance musik....yes....yes...yes....I like Electro House! But what's so profoundly wrong with that??? It's a simple concept Dance musik, make your listeners dance, now that sounds simple, but I'm sure as we all know that's not the easiest thing in the world too do...Hence my rapid love for artist like Fake Blood, LAZRtag, LA Roits, Villians, Fred Falke and the rest of the monsters ripping the dancefloors apart all across Europe and USA. Something that will soon catch on in SA....well....I can hope can't I. MSTRKRFT, Justice, 2manyDj's (Soulwax), The Bloody Beetroots and Boyz Noize are out showing the world what can be done with electronic musik and House, throwing super awesome events with amazing sound and performance, the like which few of us here will ever see. While back here in SA we're stuck with bickering children who either love Ryan Dent or Seether, neither is an option for us really, rather stay at home and masturbate to current financial crisis really, sad times kid's sad times.

Even after turning to House musik in 2k8, something even weirder happened....my love for non commercial PoP...yes I believe I'm becoming a Dance Raver Brittany Jock too, let alone a Scene kidd, or so I have been told on countless occasions now. But at the very moment I'm finding this musik emotionally entertaining and fun, with none of the filthily sweat and tears of other less popie musik, yes the alt musik makes me feel, but at the moment I just want have cheap and cheerful fun...thus my love for Santogold and Ladyhawke...Both making me happy instantly like a cheap hooker and speed...Santogold's tracks L.E.S. "Artistes" and Lights Out" are both brillant and will have you singing along in about 4 seconds. Ladyhawke on the other hand is a Classy lady with an awesome 80's sound which makes me feel like putting Genesis and Phil Collins in the CD player as soon as her albums done...its horrible I know, but who doesnt Love Phil? yea Phil was a Scene Kid too...


So this was my first post, yes it did take forever to do and yes I'm strangely retarded when it comes to making these things...but it was fun none the less next time will be better I assure you. And if I could just figure out how in Gods Name you lay down musik tracks, then I will post them too... fucken internets = FAIL

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  1. guy, i am also stumped at putting up music. it seems its too obvious to be easy. or something.

    plus, lookie here, i am on your blog!