People Who Made Me and Broke Me 2k8

So 2k8 was big year...My first year out in the big bad world, it sure isn't what I expected, but it's mostly fun and full of crackass fool's like me. I started working and began my life as a crunkass adult. So this sadly meant I left a lot of people and old friends behind and met a whole bunch of new folks (Yay I can fuck with them) Some of you I miss, some I couldn't careless....Anywhoo heres a Checklist of the folks that made my year...

The Office Buddies 

James: The only other person I've ever meet, who can almost make me lose my lunch and constantly keep me entertained, also one of the most unrated and talented Individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing...Plus He and C.A are my Masters as I'm their Slaveboi

CA: The most talent Editor and my first ever role model in the film industry...when I'm bad he sends me to Set...for 8 months. C.A only inspires me to do better, but sometimes I'm just useless... :(

The Set Buddies

Justice: The most endearing person I've met in my whole life. Sweet, honest, hard working and undeniably funny... Justice would always cheer me up on a crap day and make a good day better...this boi can only get further in life

Tebza: Probably one of those people that one day everybody will all remember, not because he's a sweet guy, but because he will one day be one of the best directors you'll ever hear about. I have no doubt in my mind that Tebza will be one of the best directors in the indusrty...as long as remembers my number it's all fine

The Bergman's (John, Sarah and Joe): The most entertaining Family in entertainment. John is a wonderful man, with many words of wisdom (Often ending the words "You Fuck Knuckle" or "It's just a Fucken Movie") who never seems to care too much about anything and at the same time care about everything. With 40 years worth of experience on set, John is a role model and hero to everyone on Set...I'm literally honored for every minute I've spent with this man. Sarah sweet, fun,  quick tempered and the most honest person I've ever met. Sarah is always there to listen and always there to back you up...Sarah is just like her father is amazing to be around as you learn something new everyday and you never regret speanding time with, instead you only wish for more. Joe Joe is the ever eternal youth, highly entertaining and always looking for a good laugh and an early wrap time...now whats wrong with that? I've always a great laugh with Joe Joe and look forward to many more

Kyle: Kyle Smitthhhhhh...Introverted, quite, shy and none of the above when you get to know him. Kyle is dead serious about his work and not with just about everything else. A constant pranks artist and gag maker..we all were once or twice had by Kyle....good or bad we always forgave him too...Kyle is always fun too be around and with a tongue as sharp as his who needs enemies? Lol I love this boi

Trevor: The most talented Midget behind the Camera I've ever met...I give this boi a lot of crap only because someone has too. Trevor is smart and has a quick tongue which almost always ends in some form of laughter. Trevor has taught me alot about how far one can get with alot of patience and alot of listening to your elders...but some of us can't hold our tongues (Me) so the lesson is wasted(Nah, I try). The other thing I've learnt about Trevor is never to challenge him in any-form of competition involving booze, mainly due to the fact that he will destroy you...he just keeps drinking no matter how drunk he gets....always fun

Theola: The youngest "women" I've ever met....my emotional handbag of advice, if I'm thinking about doing something, she's probably done it. Sweet and Sincere Theola is a bag of laughs and will always give you advice from her heart. And when you and her are both bored and you are in need of a hair cut she's your number one lady.

Minuche: Theola's partner in crime Minuche is a bundle of Joy, literally. Minuche is the most happy and upbeat person I've ever meet and even when things get her down her sweet disposition steps in and in a few minutes of heart felt thinking she's back in the game and ready for action. Minuche is always fun to be around when your in a shit mode because even if you don't notice it she makes you feel better...

Justin and Clint: The Grips, the Big bois, the Funny guys. Justin and Clint are the funniest guys on Set hands down. Both "Real Men" in the sense that there is no homosexuality around them is a constant joy for me. Freaking Clint and Justin is always entertaining. But truthfully they are the funniest guys I have ever met...

Esme: The hardest working Girl ever...Always smiling and always infecting you so that you begin to smile too. Esme makes me feel like working whenever I see her, but not in a Bad way. Esme is amazing and actually can't wait to see her again, because then at least I know things are getting done.

Eldridge: The number one lighting man. Eldridge is alway fun to be around with his sarcastic comments about the current situation. Eldrigde makes the best of things but always has a smile on his face. Plus he stills owes me a 20-20 T-Shirt

Wain: Like all Focus Pullers...dead quite and introverted until you get to know him, turns out he's funny and rather entertaining to be around...his girlfriends a stunning girl so it must mean he's got something? Wain is earnest and hard working, plus a joy to be around...once you stop blaspheming 

The Otakukids

Jack: Not content with me being in his life for 3 years, Jack still drag's me in every now and then to say hi to the life I left behind...strangely he never forces me some how I arrive of my own accord. My life wouldn't be normal if I didn't spend time talking or discussing something with this Man. Jack will always be a role model and a lesson in what I could do if I always believe in myself and the people around me.

Chris: Gone over Seas to his "Homeland" to learn how to Kill people, Chris left our shores for greater opportunities and is generally succeeding. Chris and I would always laugh at the same things even thou we're on different sides of the social wall, I just wish he was around so that we could laugh at all the scene kids raving it out. I actually wish he had come to David Guetta to see me Rave it. All that I think about after watching the trailer for Beverly Hills Cawawah is that god damn song Chris would play to make us all laugh...

Benji (David): Benji is my little stay at Home slut of late, doesn't mean we didn't have alot of good times this year thou. Benji is the sweets guy I know...alittle to well read at times in gay literature, nah I tease. Benji is trying to constantly better himself..hence maybe the distance keeping from me? Hopefully next year we can Dance more?

Steven: is strange for a asian firstly his tall, secondly he's loud and thirdly nothing that comes out of his mouth makes sense, wait thats normal. Stevies been partying more and more since the dreaded breakup. And for one I couldn't be happier, even if Steve is incoherent and baffling most of the time, I still enjoy partying with him, specially when its with him and Benji. Hopefully I'll be less busy this year so that I can Jam more with this strange tall asian more.  

The Regulars

Graham: Old faithful, never has there being a better friend out there. Willing to come pick you up form another friends houses after being held at gunpoint. The kind of friend that gets you fucked drunk and then drives you home laughing the whole way home and you never feel pissed off at him the next day. The one guy I can always rely on and hopefully he feels the same way about me...hopefully

Sandra: Now a model apparently...lol...The one girl who actually tries to understand me and not want to kill me or be in a relationship with me. Director, Friend, Punching-bag and ultimate fashion accessory I wouldn't trade my friendship with this girl for anything in the world...The one person who will always put with my shit and I will gladly put up with hers the second she asks me too...

Dan: The best looking of all my friends. My ride till we die Homie Dan, like me, he will never betray the one thing we both believe in...Bloc Party. This Boi won't ever let me down be it when we are dancing are faces off or when he's making me dance off my own face.Soon Dan will be home and we will dance like Drunk school girls...

Robin: My malesoulmate. This boi abandoned me for the lovely shores of England. But what I'm suppose to say, no don't go Rob..remember the good times like when we we're held at gunpoint at your house? I miss this kid and the trouble we use to get ourselves mixed up in, I just hope he's having fun and that one day we can hold hands again...

Barry: My rav to the grave hommie. Barry never lets me down, unless its about being on time or going out to parties, cause he's a broke ass mutha fucker. Barry is funny and understanding, which helps seeing that one day we're suppose to dj together, if I ever stop working...My one and only hope is that one day we get to see the rise of fun parties in Jozi, before we evacuate.

Helette: The lady of the Barry, Helette always keeps me entertained with the notation that maybe we should move down to Cape Town...wait HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...FUCK THAT..HAHAHAHA...Helette is sweet and funny and I enjoy spending time with her and she always knows what will make me feel better.

Tim: Timface parties..thats it...he brings noize or makes it. Thats why we all love him so much, he's also the gay(No ladies he's straight and uber hot) frontman in my fav local band Cutout Collective...That aside I never have a better time than when I go out with this boi and I hope to have many more fun nights with this boi

Inger: Mmmmmmmm yea...your a dork and a loser...but most of the time you make me happy... :) The Sweetest and Kindest creature I have ever met. With a sweet understanding heart that bares with my stupidity all the time...Alot more talented than anyone gives her credit for, she will one day prove to everyone that she is one of the best designers I've ever seen...plus I see her everyday I know...

The Places

Jozi: The Place I learn to love more every year


  1. ah, jordan...
    me love you too.

  2. So disappointed that I, your loyal pimp, didn't make it onto this list. Next Year, Jordan. Next year. But I keed. I haven't met the people (except Trevor), but I know the city, and yes, it's awesome.