LOVE = Alex + Primary 1

I have a man crush in my life... Jeremy Clarkson, the man drives me crazy, ever since I started reading his book's, I've realized how much I want to be like that man...Yes opinionated and pig-headed, but also ridiculously observant and quick witted. But now I have two man crushes... The second Alex Metric. This bastard is amazing, everything he touches is magical and makes me smile and do the office chair rave... which more than often ends with the rest of the office staff staring at me... Today one of my new fav artist's did a cover of his new single "It Start's". That's right Primary 1 woot! It's a great cover giving the track a new kind of Energy which puts me a new state of bliss... the new office chair shuffle and scuttle... Anyway heres some awesome tracks which will make you understand my love for Mr. Metric...Just remember that Alex's full-length album also finally releases this year... Can't wait for that any longer Alex hurry

Bonus cause we love you


  1. mmm... i'm all for alex but that track is really slow and *whispers* lil boring... think the new danger remix - drown in the now and Jaymo and Andy George's - love harder takes it hands down for new tracks i've heard this year... that's just like my opinion man :P

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