The 11th of July see's the start of a new set of Infamous party's known as ChopDownTheWoods! These party's aim to put Jozi and the rest of Africa back onto the fun side of partying with there lovable mascot ChopperTheBear. Who has already stolen the hearts of many with antics on facebook.
The line-up for the event is impressive enough and rather daring, featuring only new name acts, that are individually trying to reshape the party scene into what it should be about...FUN... The line up includes those crazy kids from Team Uncool, capesuperstar Orlando Doom ( who we rage about all the time), ShuffleShame and those awesomely loud trouble makers Musical Chairs. Also joining the line up is Chinxxx the visual demon of the Jozi party scene adding some much needed femininity to the rooster.
Finally ChopperTheBear himself will be making a drunken appearance to tide over his horde of adoring fans.
Fatchineseboi will be dropping all kinds of goodies at the party as well as doing interviews with all of the acts preforming, also droping some of their mixes and tracks to get ya'll excited! Also we will be doing interviews at the event itself to get a response and feel for how the SA scene kids party it up!