Word of the Week!

So you need to extend your vocab with new disgusting terms of endearment will here you go... Fatchineseboi will deliver at least one new and exciting word a week. Here's the first.

1.Something you would do to a hooker 
Yea dude I gave her a snarky.

Ewww bitch I got your snarky all over me.


  1. Christ those curb crawlers make conventional hookers look like Mother Teresa, if more sub-par suicide girl pix get posted i will definately not post on fat chinese boi.

    Consider it an escape clause too let you or barry boot me off the blog,
    I'm off to take a Valoid.

  2. Thats the only picture of Hookers I could find that didnt look like Tai lady boys :(

  3. Are you saying those aren't lady boys? Sheeeeet!