Get yo Head Straight!

Since i have the Squid Flu this week, my sense of imagination and humor has been adversely affected... meaning all i can muster are the facts.

Alex Metric. The dude makes amazing music.

Way back when i first heard a granule of his work i passed it off as more gay 80s sounding synth pop... then i heard his remix of Evil Nine and that all changed... as i heard more and more of his work i then realised how great his music really is. Now i dont think I could make a playlist without at least one of his tracks innit... meaning he's now one of my favourite Musicians out at the moment.

Thats why Im really excited about his "Head Straight" EP out on the 18th of May. The title track, Head Straight, i must admit is that gay 80's synth pop stuff... that i aint feelin, but the other 2 tracks "now what?" and "Shirley, you cant be serious" are amazing.

I also learned that Alex Metric is really good DJ too... Heres the proof. His March 09 Mix for ya'll show cases the two tracks mentioned earlier... fantastic stuff.

Alex Metric - March 09 Mix (Zshare) (Mediafire)


Howard Jones Intro
Cassius - Feeling For you (LRD Remix)
Daft Punk - Phoenix
Primary 1 & The Shoes - Ho Lord (Alex Metric Mix)
Cassius - Sound Of Violence (Alex Metric edit)
Oizo vs Tiga - Steroidimension (Alex Metric mashup)
Shinichi Osawa - Rendezvous (Crookers Mix)
Zombie Nation - Worth It
Erotic Discourse (Grum Remix)
Alex Metric - What Now?
Shazam - Pool Party (R72 Mix)
Ladyhawke - Paris is burning (Alex Metric Mix)
DJ Rob3 - The Chase
Alex Metric - Shirley you cant be serious?

His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
Grum - Runaway
DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Joakim Remix)
Phoenix - 1901

As if that aint enough I have a lil bonus for ya...

Heres a radio edit of his track Head Straight

Alex Metric - Head Straight (Radio Edit) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

And a brilliant remix he did of Phoenix... now before you write his remix off with all the other rubbish ones... have a listen. It outshines all of them!

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)


  1. ALEX METRIC is awesome! that remix of ADAM FREELAND's "Under Control" is still a favourite!

  2. nah the dudes stuff is amazing. His new Ep is the power... "shirley you cant be serious" and "Pins" from his older Ep are my current Alex Metric favs. Expect some edits!