Grave Danger, Know the Truth!

If you’ve been wondering who’s been keying your car, letting the air out your tyres and keeping you up at night with bile fuelled bass thuds while you slumber.

I have your answer and you are not going to like it.

It’s these 2 evil, undead gnomes, that have have somehow climbed into the intestinal chambers of 2 friends (Magnum Hifi & Kid Colt) of mine and pilot their bodies to do unstoppable acts of evil.

Right now they are breaking into local club promoters houses while they sleep and hypnotising them into hiring only “Grave Danger” for any gig available. Any gig, I mean right now Grave Danger are playing everywhere and anywhere spreading their audio filth to unknowing revellers (wise up dickheads you're dancing to the devils music).

"The Faces of Pure Evil"

I remember the first time i heard them play, and also the nightmares I had that evening that can only be described as satan’s circus. But even worse is that nobody can get a gig in town, fucking nobody. They’ve turned a town full of dj’s into a town full of bedroom disc jockeys.

Now killing the 2 hosts (Magnum Hifi and Kid Colt) is not the answer, they will just transfer over to another couple of other Dj’s with worse music collections and that will make us all puke up our teeth.

We have to band together and stalk these evil gnome fuckwits, and kick them as hard as you possibly can square in the balls, because that’s the only way to kill a gnome.

"The Logo of Pure Evil"

I’ve included some rare footage of what these creatures look like when in the wild (link) as well as two mixes, in order for us to hear what audio terror these half-pint beasts are able to conjure up.

I’m trusting you to never, under any circumstances play these mixes backwards, please for the love of god this is serious and playing these mixes backwards would unleash an unimaginable evil onto our planet. Like fucking Derrick the Bandit x Infinity.

Grave Danger - Pushing Up Crazies Mix (MediaFire Older Mix)

Grave Danger - It's A Grave Rave Mix (MediaFire Newer Mix)


  1. sweeet i'm first... maybe even the first to have your mixtape on my ipod.
    by the way i thought you guys were derrick's disciples...

  2. derrick is afrikaans for devil...

  3. join our group page on face book for more stuffs
    much kuk love and all that horrible shit
    kidcolt aka G RAVE D ANGER