Skeleton Cartal

I've introduced ya'll the D.I.Y. dance music star, Felix Cartal, already... the dude is making waves in the underground dance scene since being signed to Dim Mak records.

He is due to release his first EP entitled "Skeleton" on Dim Mak Records on the 12th of May 09. Get excited! And if you are lucky enough to live in the USA you can catch Felix on tour promoting his upcoming EP. lucky you.

When the EP goes on Sale you can snap up yo copies, here

1. Skeleton
2. Salty Lake
3. Montreal Dreams
4. Redheads

Cant wait for that Salty Lake track... or the remixes of Skeleton to follow!

Just today Dim Mak ever so kindly shared a remix of Skeleton by another favourite, Bird Peterson, over at RCRDLBL.com... its a monster

Felix Cartal - Skeleton (Bird Peterson Remix) (via RCRDLBL)

To celebrate lil Feezy's success so far, heres a tight bonus techy remix he did for Colin Munroe. Straight Fire!

Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons (Felix Cartal Remix) (Zshare) (Mediafire)

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