"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Darker"

When I first got this track (link at bottom of paragraph), during the good old days of sifting through Palmsout's remix sundays, at the beginning of '08 it blew me away and I really took notice of Jokers of the Scene due to an undeniably original sound.

Then there was nothing for almost 9 months, I never stumbled onto anymore Joker's tracks and I blew it off as an experiment gone right that never realized it's destiny, and in an age of disposable music I never thought to seek them out either always thinking they would eventually pop up on other blogs with new material.

Then October came round and another Jokers of the Scene popped up on Call Me Pelski and I was eager to test the new product. It was killer, but ripped at the dreaded 128kbps, but even through those restrictions the track beams black light.

Then this year I've have been blessed to see these Canadian comedians finally get solid recognition, and stand their own ground.

Canada sure does produce some dark, tough as nails tracks.

So if there are any Canadian readers out there I'm sure you got some devil mojo inside your tap water, and dear god I'd appreciate it if you'd bottle some that Aqua Satan and ship it out too me 5 litres at a time, don't be shy get in touch with me in the comments, I'll try make it worth your while I got some tip of Africa sand to trade.

Their new remix, fresh off Discodust, has taken me too a dark place thats impossible to leave, at least not till it's time for the Simpsons. Do they still make that show? I don't know I've been living in a cave in Oudtshoorn for the last 5 years, well I say living, I'm more lost in it, well my school forgot me here whilst on an excursion. Mrs. Patterson could you come pick me up now I'm colder, wetter, hungrier, dirtier than I was when I arrived.


  1. Thats the best post the fatboi has seen in a good while.

    Jordan... just coz... you jerk.