Ain't it Cool

So one of my bestest things about SA, is that we are very backwater, we catch onto things late and we tend to only do things, if they fit into our boxes of "cool"
. Everyone has to be inside a box, emo, alt, hipster, raver, jock, rapper...blahblahblah. Gone are the days where you can listen to more than one type of music, maybe its a youth thing, maybe when you get older you learn to appreciate more and realise that whoa I understand what the person is trying to get thourgh with this music..or maybe not. At the moment U have a large amout of respect for anyone who steps onto the stage and preforms or dj's or raps, its fucken scary. So please kids get over yourselves and try be more understanding. My friend Malope Makola and his friends seem to think the same thing....well about Hip Hop at least, but instead of moan about it they instead decided to shot a short docci abou how they felt. It was shot with a budget of "Seven Rand" so dont expect a master pic, but I will tell you one thing the contents of this little project is amazing. After watching this we plan to do a range of docci's on all the sub-cultures in and around Jozi..

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