I'm doing a post.....

OK guys so in the hood they call me "lil Ghost Poster", my shit's so ill and so underground only real G, G, G Mail unit heads read it....Ok, Ok enough Diggy Dawg-ness, here it is.

Mr Vega is from Brooklyn, Mr. Vega is three people namely his wife, child and himself, apparently his kid did the bassline on "Metal Sparks" at only a few months old....Ok i'm talking shit again.

Anyway his stuff is bangin Indie/Electro House straight outta NYC!

And lucky for us he's decided to give away his Debut Album "Live Dance Then Die" for Gratis (I think that means free...)

Mr. Vega-Live Dance Then Die EP (Mediafire)

Also check out his blog, Myspace and follow him on Twitter.



  1. A Lapse post 1 first sign of the apocalypse.
    2nd sign is raining frogs,
    3rd sign is a Bp pie baked in the shape of a dove.

    Watch out!