In case any of yall have been wonderin where the hell we've been, the answer is simply... working our asses off to bring all of ya in Jozi one hell of an insane party, with only three objectives; Amazing music, Fun and some more Fun!

Its called ChopDownTheWoods... And... its Tomorrow night, the 11th of July at The Woods club at 66 Carr str Newtown! We've been digging in them crates for only the choiciest tracks for your dancing pleasure. We have a super fresh line up of acts that we here at Fatchineseboi are big fans of.

The best part, we have some Teaser Mixes for yall... givin ya an idea of what ya can expect from tomorrow nights insanity! Here ya go...


ORLANDO DOOM (baseline studio/ Tigerstrike/ Cape Town)

Orlando Doom - Doom Teaser mix (Zshare) (MediaFire)


ShuffleShame - Teaser mix for ChopDownTheWoods (Zshare) (MediaFire)


Musical Chairs - Teaser for your Titties (Zshare) (MediaFire)

Remember now GIRLS IN FREE before 22:00pm and only R20 there afters!

We got the guys on Tequilla duty... if ya not sure what this and have never been fortunate enough to attend a !DIRTY!DIRTY! party... usually Jordan takes to the front on the stage and Dancefloor with bottles of Tequilla, Steve Aoki style... and gets the party movin right by pourin generous volumes into any accepting mouths...
The result?
well peep this video of the last !DIRTY!DIRTY! party featuring MTKIDU, our new favorite Rapper RIKY RICK, homies MUSICAL CHAIRS, Jordan and yours truly! EPIC!

(Video courtesy of RIKY RICK)

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