And Now Let Us Return to the Classics...

Barry mentioned that he was loving some "Real Music" that was given to him recently, I think it was Roy Ayers and some other Rhythm and Blues legend, sorry the degradation of my short term memory seems to be only over-shadowed by the collapse of my long-term memory.

In turn I said "Damn thats my school, son!", so here are some gems all fans of music should have just to remind themselves that unfortunately music will never be like this again.

First up are a couple tracks from Cymande a jazz, funk and soul band formed in London, but did tour the states with Rev. Al Green and reached no. 20 on the R&B charts in the early 70's.
Bra was sampled by De La Soul/Prince Paul on Three Feet High and Rising, in the good old days when you could sample what you wanted without fear of lawsuits.

Cymande - Bra MediaFire

The next is from Darondo, still performing in his native San Francisco and it's a little more down tempo, but one of the more heart wrenchingly beautiful soul tracks committed to tape.

I recently heard this at the end of an episode of Breaking Bad, so if you know the show it captures the mood of a meth cooking, science teacher with lung cancer who does what he does in order to provide for his family. 
Kind of downer but the beauty of the track disperses the depression effortlessly, one of my favourite songs and I'll take that too the grave.

The last track is some Afrobeat, this track sparked my interest in the genre when I heard it in The Last King of Scotland, It sparked my interest in the genre and I've since been hoovering up any old Afrobeat tracks that will venture near me, but not quite like this guy Duncan Brooker.

An article on his record collecting scavenger hunts in north africa is here, give it a read it's rather inspiring and reminds me of Lapse and I's, old scavenger hunts in Durban, digging through dead peoples stuff for records and wondering how we could play our 78's.

Jingo - Fever MediaFire

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