Let Dead Dogs Lie.

So I've been mobile and out of my coma for almost 2 weeks now,and life 'was' dandy.

Then I heard about my old dj pal VEREVÜLFF wasn't having such a fair time of it on old planet earth, the poor bastard took silver bullet to his nut whilst participating in a canned hunt in Romania, he said he needed some spare euros to buy a Nintendo Wii.

You Tool! You could steal one and the owner probably wouldn't notice it was gone until the next Mario Bros. game came out, Super Mario Bros: Mario Learns to Make Carcinogenic Crumpets.
Could this game be that catalyst? be the trigger that leads to a physical and emotional uplift for the player, ushering in a positive new era for their entire life outlook? An extremely powerful piece?

Sorry I got distracted, the internet will do that.

Oh yeah VERREVÜLFF (hope I spelt that right mate, i could never remember how), hope your not too dead to read this.

I've always thought that my mate deserved some kind of prize for being able to walk the knife edge between irony of the highest genius and deep, deep twattery. I've read the birthday card you sent me and I'm still unsure where you fall?

Yup, there he went, he's passed on now, he's dead. 
Dead as a dog in a pit.

I didn't kill him if thats what you were thinking, I mean I could've.
I just didn't have a motive.

These ones are for you boy...fetch!

I'll be playing in Johannesburg this weekend in tribute to my dead mate VEREVÜLFF this saturday check back later this week for further details on FatChineseBoi. 

Don't forget to download Duck Sauce, currently situated just under your chin. Just keep looking you'll find it.

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